Which future story do you want to write for your business?

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Strategic foresight is the most valuable tool you can adopt to identify and chart a course for future growth and long-term prosperity. Our strategic services employ this future-first approach

As brands continue to question what’s next for them, their industries, their sectors, their categories and their customers post-Covid, a solid foundation of knowledge is required to make conclusions correctly.
At The Future Laboratory, we both inspire clients by exploring the futures they can help make happen and outline the actions that must be taken to get there.

We focus on building value for brands through a future-first approach. Trends are an essential part of uncovering future opportunities. Why, how and where you apply the trends will depend on several factors, including your region, your target audience and your business unit.

Firstly, we need to better understand the brand/business challenges by looking at the realities of today’s business in the context of tomorrow. This is our USP – an approach to client work that is future-first, thinking long-term about a client’s strategy, broadening their awareness of today’s challenges.

To uncover the most commercial and culturally relevant solutions to our clients’ brand challenges, we need to know about as many variables as possible. At The Future Laboratory, our research uncovers Future Relevance and Cultural Differentiators, and investigates how to apply Brand and Business Truths.

To understand consumers, we focus on revenue-driving innovators and early adopters who determine today what the rest of us will be doing tomorrow. By understanding these consumers, we help our clients deliver a business strategy that appeals to both early adopters and the late majority – ultimately future-proofing your business.

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24 November 2021

Author: Jonny Ayres

Image: The Future Laboratory


Our Global Communities, Cultural Navigator Network and Futures 1000 expert panel are all human-driven tools we use for mapping the trends and future landscape and filling in knowledge gaps with elusive and practical insight, and sit at the heart of our strategic services:

The role that inspiration plays in the strategic foresight lifecycle is a vital one. Strategic research presentations set the scene. They dictate the tempo of understanding, engaging teams through immersion into the near or speculative future.

More often than not, clients also want to understand more about a specific area of the future and delve deeper into a topic or consumer of interest.

Bespoke reports are focused on painting a detailed, inspirational picture of the long term, allowing a client to become an authoritative voice in a crowded room with new ground-breaking ideas or points of view. These establish clients as thought leaders on future-facing topics of their choice. Think of them as one-stop research documents that illustrate the headlines of tomorrow.

Beyond inspiration, brands also want to tell their own story, and in doing so write their own future. At The Future Laboratory, we not only inspire but empower clients to make a better future happen.

Foresight frameworks are how we do this. We provide clients with a hierarchy of trends, signals and strategic implications specific to their brand, allowing us to build a solid foundation to shape foresight literacy across their businesses and to align their internal focus. All of our frameworks are designed and created in partnership with the client – this way they can use them to connect easily, practically and strategically across all departments, stakeholder groups and external partners.

At The Future Laboratory, we don’t predict the future. We identify and chart a course for your future destination. The question is: which future story do you want to write for your business?



Harness the potential of
the future

The Future Laboratory’s Strategy department works directly with global brands and businesses to turn our LS:N Global foresight into a strategic decision-making tool that aligns clients’ current business objectives with these future scenarios. 

The aim: to equip clients with the cultural insights, strategic implications and solutions that enable them to navigate change, unlock opportunity and thrive in a world of continuous uncertainty.