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Marriott Bonvoy partnered with The Future Laboratory to create an engaging, newsworthy foresight report that positions the travel brand as an industry thought-leader, exploring future travel trends in 2024 and beyond.

Travel isn’t just making a comeback, it’s a new priority. Across regions and demographics, individuals are elevating travel experiences from a luxury to a necessity, redefining exploration as a crucial element of a fulfilled life. 

‘Meaningful travel experiences are rising to the top of the consumer agenda, setting the stage for innovation and betterment across the board,’ says Darian Nugent, deputy strategic foresight editor at The Future Laboratory. ‘As this new travel era unfolds, pioneering brands will put social, global and eco-values front and centre – reframing value and experience beyond star ratings.’

Neal Jones, chief sales and marketing officer Europe, Middle East and Africa at Marriott Bonvoy, observes a similar shift. ‘There’s a more considered approach to travel and a more emotional connection to travel that’s really unfolding in tandem with people’s core values,’ he says. 



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11 January 2024

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Bradley Hook


Left: Photography by Deepak Ramesha, Right: Photography by Dou Hoekstra

In Europe, a significant 79% of consumers are planning holidays in 2024, with even higher enthusiasm in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) (93%) and Saudi Arabia (89%). Meanwhile, fewer than 10% in countries like France, Italy and Saudi Arabia report having no holiday plans in the next three years, dropping to a mere 2% in the UAE.

The report paints a picture of a promising trajectory – touching on key opportunities across luxury, wellness, sustainability and technology.  Through a series of expert interviews and quantitative research across Europe and the Middle East, The Future Laboratory and Marriott Bonvoy explore the spaces, destinations, initiatives and activations shaping the future of travel. 

The Trends

In this report, we explore five shifts illustrating how travellers’ priorities today will transform the industry tomorrow. These themes reflect a sector that is not only recovering, but also re-inventing itself to align with changing values and expectations – presenting a range of unique opportunities for progress.

‘With the leisure travel market well and truly back to ‘normal’, we are now in a stronger position when it comes to looking at future trends and travel habits for the sector over the next few years.’
Neal Jones, chief sales and marketing officer Europe, Middle East and Africa, Marriott Bonvoy
Photography by Manuel Michael

: Nu-Luxury Frontiers

Boundary-breaking escapes meeting consumers’ desire for authenticity and exclusivity.  Tomorrow’s travellers will seek experiences that go beyond traditional luxury benchmarks, reframing high-end adventures via unexpected codes of luxury.

: Ethical Escapes

Conscious, value-adding practices ensuring sustainable travel futures for people and the planet. For travellers, the meaning, motives and methods behind their experiences are shifting in synch with the world around them as they look to destinations, initiatives and hospitality venues with enhanced ethical profiles.

: Equitable Itineraries 

Ensuring places and spaces are accessible and accommodating to every traveller. Future travel will recognise the diversity of travellers’ needs. As inclusivity increasingly becomes non-negotiable across several markets, consumers will expect hotel brands to be considerate, compassionate and sensitive. 

: Destination Wellbeing 

Travel redefined as a necessary optimisation of people’s lives. With wellness travel on the rise, consumers are looking beyond the experiential and towards the holistic – seeking places and spaces to enrich and energise their everyday lives.

: Tech-enhanced Experiences

Traveller-first tech enabling brands to optimise, personalise and incentivise key offerings. Tech integration is taking root across industries as consumers look to innovations that optimise their encounters with brands, spaces and experiences.


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