The Future of Finance is Female

A foresight report for Allied Irish Banks

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The Future Laboratory partnered with Allied Irish Banks (AIB) on a foresight report that reveals how women are pioneering a financial system change. It was covered by nearly 20 national and international media outlets – and was read or viewed by over half the adult population in Ireland. 


Despite pervasive harmful gender norms, the motherhood penalty, the cost of childcare and inadequate parental leave policies, female participation in the workforce – including the number of women entrepreneurs and those in leadership roles – is surging across the country. This report reveals why that is and, crucially, the opportunities this presents for tomorrow.  

Even with the gender pension gap and the fact that Irish women’s pensions are worth 35% less than men’s at retirement, according to the Economic & Social Research Institute. McKinsey & Co forecasts that women will hold 45% of assets under management by 2030 in line with forecasts for Western Europe. This is a result of reaping the dividends of better qualifications, more equal pay, higher levels of home ownership and longer life expectancy, where Irish women live to 84 years and Irish men reach 81 years of age, according to the Irish Department of Health. 

The Future Laboratory collaborated with AIB to investigate how Irish women are pioneering a system change in work cultures and business practices across the nation, and why banks and financial service providers are taking note. While the gender pension gap may be challenging to reverse in the short term, AIB is recognising the importance of female investors and supporting a female-powered business future. 

‘The future really is female – especially when it comes to economic influence,’ says The Future Laboratory co-founder Martin Raymond. Indeed, data suggests that women tend to be more effective leaders, create more jobs, have a larger appetite for growth and significantly improve start-up company performance.  


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18 March 2024

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Mikhail Nilov, US


Wise. Identity by Ragged Edge, UK

Part One: Rebels Without a Cause 

This section of the report examines how current challenges are driving innovations in work culture, with a spotlight on the pivotal role of women in advancing agile leadership and flexibility. It highlights women’s capacity to lead through adversity, using empathy and resourcefulness. 

  • Agile Leadership 
  • Flexibility Fuels Ambition 
  • Female Resourcefulness 
  • Empathy as a Superpower 

Part Two: The Era of Female Excellence  

In the second part, we delve into the significant strides women are making across sectors, driven by a blend of excellence, innovation and cultural influence. This era showcases women’s leadership in transforming businesses and setting new benchmarks for success. 

  • Business and Culture Pacemakers
  • The New Codes of Business  

Part Three: Female Investors Rising  

The final part explores the shift towards women taking a proactive role in their investment strategies – placing an emphasis on ethical and sustainable choices. It considers how the growing impact of these female investors will reshape the future of wealth management. 

  • Outperforming on Investments  
  • Women at the Vanguard of Investment Thinking  
  • New Investor Outlook  


Your Juno is a financial education and community platform for women and non-binary people, UK
‘The future really is female – especially when it comes to economic influence’
Martin Raymond, co-founder, The Future Laboratory

Image credit: Your Juno is a financial education and community platform for women and non-binary people, UK

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