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Aldimania, office poo anxiety and authentic avatars

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Welcome to ICYMI*, In case you missed it, our weekly debrief of the trends we spotted first making it to the mainstream and the thought-provoking insights you need to know, curated by our in-house experts. 

Are you wearing the… Aldi collection? If you didn’t know, ALDI Stores Australia is dropping its first ever streetwear line, Aldimania. The discount food retailer is jumping on the streetwear hype we’ve seen other brands, including Ikea and Chipotle, tap into previously.

Featuring loungewear staples in the brand’s iconic colours, and all retailing for under £10.45 (A$20, US$13.25, €12.20), the tongue-in-cheek limited-edition collection reflects the brand’s budget-friendly values. The synergies between fashion, which is becoming a lucrative strategy, and food, drink and dining brands looking for cultural relevance, are just getting started.

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15 April 2024

Author: LS:N Global

Image: ALDImania by ALDI, Australia


Left : TERRA by Modem and Panter&Tourron, UK. Right : J Hannah Compost Polish

ICYMI* Curated

(by creative foresight analyst Emily Rhodes)

#WeSawItComing: Authentic Avatars

Dark & Lovely, a brand owned by L'Oréal Group, has launched a new activation to enhance inclusivity in online gaming, particularly for Black players. The textured haircare specialist has introduced in-game modifications for #TheSims4, featuring six Black hairstyles with diverse colour variations inspired by its Immersive Bolds collection. The move marks Dark & Lovely’s first foray into virtual gaming, and is aimed at engaging Gen Z while promoting diversity in representation.

LS:N Global started tracking the rise of the Affirmative Avatars Market back in January 2022. In February 2024, we released Authentic Avatars, a new report forecasting the impact of VR in this sector where consumers want to feel authentically represented across realms with the emergence of Virtual Beings.


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