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Generations: Now and Next 2024–2025 Takeover

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Welcome to ICYMI*, In case you missed it, our weekly debrief of the trends we spotted first making it to the mainstream and the thought-provoking insights you need to know, curated by our in-house experts. 

How can you capture the real differences defining and driving each generation? Why is it important now, more than ever, to step beyond the stereotypes towards a more impactful understanding of consumer behaviour?

From Baby Boomers and Gen X to Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, our Generations: Now and Next 2024–2025 report dives into what unites and divides consumers across generations, and takes a fresh look at key generational demographics and their evolving attitudes to technology, work, finance, education, sustainability, and health and wellness over the next 3–5 years.

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25 March 2024

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Goldwin, Japan


Left : H&M and Eva Chen, Global, Right : Blooming Sexualities by Taïs Holzhauer, picture by Iris Rijskamp, Design Academy Eindhoven, 2022

#WeSawItComing: The Zalpha Reckoning

Can Gen Alpha make the world a better and more inclusive place? Well, they already do. In our new Alphas Now and Next: From the Sandbox to Roblox macrotrend report, we unpack how this generation live and thrive in a fluid world.

This fluidity makes space for Gen Alpha to be themselves. Neurodivergence is better understood and accommodated in schools and workplaces, and despite a seemingly constant backlash against young people’s ‘woke agenda’, Europe is becoming more socially liberal (source: World Values Survey).

Alphas are inheriting a less structured and rigid world. Curriculums are being decolonised, education systems and work-life balance are being reviewed, and inclusive modern relationships have eclipsed the nuclear family.

We forecast this back in 2021 in The Zalpha Reckoning. At the time, we highlighted how the youngest Zoomers and Gen Alphas were ‘the first generation who do not need to unlearn antiquated behaviours, thus becoming a group of radical compassionates and diversity natives’.


Diffuse Sweat Headband by Gymshark, UK

Five Insights from the Generations: Now and Next 2024–2025 webinar

: ‘From a brand’s perspective, there’s the idea of trying to catch people while they’re young. But it’s dangerous to do that with Gen Z because they are incredibly fickle. Remember, they are the people creating these trends that go viral overnight before getting dropped just as quickly.’
Rhona Ezuma , founder, Thiiird magazine

: ‘Values, interests and needs – those are the things brands should be focusing on because our chronological age does not define us from 18 years old onwards. Think of a first-time mum at 20 and a first-time mum at 54: that’s what unites them, not their age.’
George Lee , founder, The Commonland, and head of communication and engagement, National Innovation Centre for Ageing UK (NICA)

: ‘When we look at flat age, the most exciting space in which this is happening is in youth culture. Older generations are now a part of youth culture. We have grandmas on TikTok starting their social media careers in later life.’
Alice Crossley , foresight analyst, The Future Laboratory

: ‘2023 was the first year in which the majority of first-time births in the US were to Gen Z parents. All of those values and attributes we have identified with Gen Z will now be the attitudes of parents. Brands should keep that in mind. They are now marketing to Gen Z as parents of young children and less and less to Millennial parents.’
Joe Waters , founder and CEO, Capita

: ‘Gen Z are very fearless, experimental, almost like a trial generation. And their values are evolving, so perhaps proceed with caution.’
Olivia Houghton , deputy creative foresight editor, The Future Laboratory

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