10 thought-starters for 2024

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What are the big questions brands should be asking in 2024? 

In a world in which the only constant is change, staying ahead of the curve is not only an advantage, it’s a necessity. Predictions, at their best, help us to expand our sense of what’s possible. But it is becoming harder than usual to know what to expect from the future. More than predictions, it is crucial to ask the right questions as we embrace the challenges and opportunities that 2024 presents. 

It is important to see these as more than theoretical musings. Brands, many of which have been stuck in a holding pattern, are now facing up to the fear of becoming obsolete. To counter this, we are about to see a reboot of innovation. 

From the rapid evolution of technology and its market-defining potential to the growing necessity for sustainable, entrepreneurial efforts, major shifts are upon us that address the core of what will drive success this year. Whether you’re in retail, media, hospitality or any other lifestyle sector, many of the biggest questions for the coming year are universal. They challenge us to think differently.  

The Future Laboratory is here to ensure that your brand is not simply ready for tomorrow, but actively defining it. The conversations that will define the next phase of transformation are the conversations we are ready to have with you.  

Here, we consider some of the biggest questions for brands in 2024. 

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11 January 2024

Author: Alex Hawkins

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1 : What technologies will define success in 2024? 

The rapid evolution of tech demands that we stay ahead of trends that could revolutionise the lives of people and businesses overnight. Strategic adaptation can be the difference between leading the market and falling behind.

2 : Do sustainability efforts need to become more entrepreneurial? 

It’s time to turn intent into action, get creative and transcend traditional approaches to sustainability for a truly greener future. There is a need for innovative, business-centric models that embed environmental consciousness.

3 : Is there an AI reckoning on the horizon? 

As AI’s capabilities grow, its impact extends beyond technological boundaries into ethical and societal realms. Businesses must prepare for a critical juncture where AI’s benefits are balanced against its potential risks and implications. 

4 : Are we moving towards a post-consumerist world? 

To move beyond typical consumption patterns, tomorrow’s brands will need to evolve. Understanding this shift beyond consumerism could redefine marketing strategies and re-align product offerings with a new set of values. 

5 : How will longevity drive a new generation of brands? 

Longevity is no longer simply a health pursuit, it’s an opportunity for a new wave of long-term thinking in design, development and relationships. In a world where long-term outlooks hold value, this can lead to sustained success.


6 : How do we align economies with the environment?

Deeper integration between economic practices and environmental sustainability calls for a new type of leadership. This will be crucial for creating resilient brands that meet both market demands and environmental responsibilities.

7 : Will the home evolve as the ultimate brand interface? 

The home has potential to be a central hub for brand engagement and consumer experience. Innovative strategies are needed in home-centric product and service design, marketing, customer engagement, and personalised and immersive experiences.

8 : How is value being redefined? 

Definitions of value are changing – with potential impacts for various aspects of business and consumer behaviour. How will this extend beyond cost and quality to encompass new consumer priorities and demand for unique experiences?

9 : Will future success mean putting collaboration above competition? 

Is it time to challenge traditional business mindsets? Embrace partnerships and networked strategies for shared successes, innovation and access to broader markets – using shared expertise and resources for mutual growth.

10 : How are businesses balancing local and global priorities? 

How will brands navigate the challenges they face in managing and prioritising competing objectives in a connected world? Successfully finding a balance is key to building a brand that is globally competent yet locally relevant.

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At The Future Laboratory we do more than ask questions – we answer them. We also understand the importance of disruptive thought-leadership in steering your business towards uncharted territories of success. Applying more than two decades of leading-edge thinking and strategic foresight, we partner with businesses like yours to explore these futures deeply and uniquely. 

With all our commissioned thought-leadership, we collaborate closely with our clients to craft compelling and insight-driven content that unlocks new perspectives, elevates your brand awareness and sets your business apart. Whether you’re looking to generate media interest or capture the attention of key business prospects and investors in a B2B setting, we can help you cut through the noise and establish your business as a true leader.

If you’d like us to join you on this journey towards making a better future happen, please get in touch.



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