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This week: A longevity-inspired wellness line, creating the circular car, an AI production studio, PlayStation steering wheels, Metaverse ROI, and Vagabond Shoemakers founders donate brand to charity.

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19 January 2024

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Aimagination by Fred & Farid, US


The Marina Abramovińá Longevity Method, UK

1. Performance artist Marina Abramovińá launches longevity-inspired wellness line

Global ‚Äď Performance artist Marina Abramovińá has released a skincare and wellness collection based on the key principles of The Abramovińá Longevity Method, the artist‚Äôs series of mindfulness techniques and natural remedies designed to help people achieve their desire to ‚Äėlive in the present, long and healthily‚Äô.

For the past two decades, Abramovińá has worked with Dr Nonna Brenner, founder of the Longevity Center in Austria, to keep the artist in the best possible health. Now, the pair are bringing their Tibetan medicine-inspired skincare recipes to market.

Beginning with a limited run of products in packaging designed by Abramovińá, The Abramovińá Method collection consists of a nourishing lotion formulated with white bread and white wine and a series of wellbeing drops targeting immunity, anti-allergy and energy, using ingredients such as fresh garlic bulb, grape seed flour and Liquiritiae root dust.

Although some have questioned whether the products are simply Abramovińá‚Äôs latest performance, her surprising venture into the wellness space highlights the appetite for Longevity Lifestyles. The products might use unconventional ingredients, but with Dr Brenner‚Äôs name attached, the collection will certainly turn a few health-conscious heads.

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The silhouette of a Delise Auto car concept created using its Regenerative Adaptable Design philosophy, US

2. Creating the Circular Car

The founder and CEO of Delise Auto, Christian Delise, tells LS:N Global why the car industry needs to look beyond electrification and obsolescence if it ever wants to become truly sustainable.

During the past decade, experienced industrial designer Christian Delise has had a front-row seat as the automotive industry has adapted to the challenges of sustainability. While the Toyota, Lexus, Lamborghini, Porsche, Volkswagen and Audi alumni applauds many of the incremental improvements that have been made, he believes the industry will never be sustainable unless it shifts its manufacturing and business models away from planned obsolescence.

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3. Fred & Farid launches AI production studio Aimagination

Global ‚Äď Creative agency Fred & Farid has launched a global AI production studio, tailor-made for the advertising industry. Named Aimagination, the studio will bridge conceptual creative advertising culture with generative AI to ‚Äėredefine the exploratory potential of AI for the benefit of brands‚Äô, according to a press release.

Recognising the need for AI solutions to be well crafted and strategically aligned to each brand, Aimagination uses the latest AI tools to create customised campaigns that allow chief marketing officers (CMOs) to build on their brand codes in limitless ways.

To date, the production studio has generated a gallery of over 4,000 images that are 100% AI-generated, with no film or photo production involved. Fred & Farid‚Äôs studio highlights the ‚Äėlimitless image-ination‚Äô in the Generative AI Creativity Market, as consumer-facing generative AI platforms begin to redefine the nature of creative work.

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Aimagination by Fred & Farid, US
Afeela by Sony and Honda, US

4. Introducing Afeela, a car with a PlayStation controller as a steering wheel

US ‚Äď At CES 2024, Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) has exhibited a prototype of Afeela, a joint automotive venture taking in-car entertainment to new levels. What sets the Afeela apart? The boundary-defying car concept was designed to offer new possibilities on top of conventional car values by combining mobility with intelligence.

To create a new user experience in mobility, the Afeela is equipped with an ultra-large dashboard screen display, and the steering wheel has been swapped for a PlayStation DualSense controller. SHM is developing entertainment and gaming features in partnership with Epic Games, making the most of tech integrated within the car. Sony and Honda have also announced that they’re in collaboration with Microsoft to roll out an AI-powered conversational personal agent.

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Geeiq private dashboard, UK

5. Metaverse ROI : Navigating Virtual Realms for Success

Although interest in the metaverse has soured since the advent and fast adoption rate of generative AI tools such as Open AI's ChatGPT and Midjourney, some investors still believe brands should find their place in the metaverse. In 2023, YFM Equity Partners, a private equity firm specialising in business-to-business software start-ups, said ‚Äėexciting market dynamics‚Äô encouraged them to invest in Geeiq.

The London-based metaverse data intelligence company raised an astounding ¬£6.7m ($8.5m, ‚ā¨7.8m) thanks to YFM Equity Partners, GFR Fund and FOV Venture. Founded in 2018, Geeiq initially offered a subscription-based platform for gaming data before evolving into a metaverse insights company.

Led by co-founder and CEO Charles Hambro, a former account director at creative agency Movidiam, Geeiq uses data to report on the return on investment (ROI) of activations in virtual worlds and digital goods

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6. Vagabond Shoemakers founders donate brand to charity

Sweden ‚Äď Swedish footwear brand Vagabond Shoemakers has been given to charity in a unique gift from its founders, Marie Nilsson Peterz√©n and Mats Nilsson, who have donated the entire company to the newly established Vagabond Shoemakers Foundation. With over 30 years of dedication to building Vagabond Shoemakers into one of Europe‚Äôs leading shoe brands, the founders aim to support charitable initiatives through this generous gesture.

The Vagabond Shoemakers Foundation will now become the owner of the shoe fashion group, which achieved a sales value of ¬£113.9m ($144.3m, ‚ā¨132.5m, SEK1.5bn) in 2023. This group encompasses in-house design, prototyping, distribution in over 50 countries and a strong portfolio of global trademark rights. The foundation‚Äôs unique ownership structure ensures that profits from Vagabond‚Äôs operations will be channelled into research, education and charitable projects aligned with its mission.

Vagabond Shoemakers, Sweden

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