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2024 trends
A 2024 kick-off message from the founders  

Low growth, high inflation, curbed spending and ongoing geopolitical turmoil were the dominant themes of 2023.

In 2024, we can expect variations on the same things as the US, the UK and EU member states go to the polls and determine whether those countries that represent 30–40% of the world’s GDP lean towards left of centre or push more to the right as debates about immigration, nationalism and the ongoing culture wars take precedence over the ever-looming presence of climate catastrophe.

So far, so grim. 

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8 January 2024

Author: Martin Raymond and Christopher Sanderson

Image: AI Imagery by The Future Laboratory


And yet, as ongoing forecasts at The Future Laboratory indicate, if growth remains low, it will do so in an upward direction, while inflation, still high, will become a downward curve by mid-year as markets settle and polycrises become part of those ‘everyday uncertainties’ that The Future Laboratory analysts and strategists innovate with clients on a daily basis – from category sprints and  thought-leadership to the thornier challenges surrounding AI, sustainability or how we define our sense of self.

But if we apply a future-facing filter to all of these, as we do on our revamped futures foresight platform LS:N Global, then, as our Future Five 2024 report reveals, they become the opportunities and innovations that unleash new markets, categories and new consumer communities.

The latter, of course, will be a core focus for LS:N Global in 2024, as we reboot our communities and generations coverage. And our Topics section – sought out by brands, strategists and consumer foresight analysts – will also grow in importance as we sharpen your foresight capabilities on the ongoing and emerging themes of the moment, from the cost of living crisis and gaming to work states and longevity. These, we know, are set to be some of the biggest revenue generators for the health, wellness, travel and hospitality sectors in the coming year. 

But all of this will become clear as our year together unfolds, and the team here at the Lab continue to help you do what we all need to do individually, collectively and globally – use foresight, and the opportunities it unlocks, to make a better future happen for us all.

Martin Raymond and Chris Sanderson, co-founders,
The Future Laboratory

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