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Tribes: Meet the Waste Warriors


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17 June 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory


Motivated, disciplined and inventive, Waste Warriors around the world are doing everything they can to clear clutter from their lives and reduce the amount of waste they produce to just a few scraps each month.

Each year, more than 2bn tons of waste, enough to circle the world 24 times, ends up in landfill sites around the world (source: The World Counts). With the global population numbering about 7.7bn and counting, it is estimated that 1.6 Earths would be needed to cope with humanity’s demands.

A growing number of concerned citizens are finding surprisingly simple ways to reduce their rubbish, from creating their own make-up to growing their own vegetables and connecting with like-minded people to share their possessions. Together they make up the Waste Warriors tribe.

It’s all about mindful consumption, according to our three tribe members: graphic designer Erin Rhoads, who has been living plastic-free since a documentary opened her eyes to the issue of waste; entrepreneur Claire Sancelot, whose family of five produces just one litre of waste each week; and social media influencer Lauren Singer, whose business The Simply Co produces eco- and skin-friendly washing powder.

Waste Warriors is part of our new Food & Drink Tribes Report. If you have already purchased the Waste Warriors report, you can watch the original case study video below - you can find the password to the video inside your PDF report.

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For Tribes: The Food & Drink Collection, we spotlight 12 consumers who are challenging the industry one meal at a time. From Nicaragua to Sweden, they have been chosen for their unique attitudes towards food, their innovative approaches to sustainability and waste, and their insights into the ubiquitous reign of convenience culture.

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