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Sean Moran, the founder of EauLab, shares his vision for a 360-degree wellness brand that delivers physical, mental and emotional health via hydration

Can you introduce EauLab and the brand’s area of focus?

We are a wellness brand and we deliver clean, science-based products for both body and mind.

EauLab began as a beverage idea. If you think like a beverage company, however, you're going to act like a beverage company. But if you start thinking like a hydration company, it opens up new sectors, new verticals within them and infinite product lines.

The whole hydration concept was really informed by the fact that the human body is 60% water. So it made sense to me to offer wellness in ways that cross a number of sectors, like beverage, personal care, nutricosmetics and fragrance.

What was the starting point for the brand and how has the concept evolved?

It all started with the underlying mission to re-invent the dystopian world of bottled water, which still churns out unfathomable quantities of toxic plastic (recycled or not) and largely ignores consumer demand for functionality. I didn't see any innovation other than flavour and felt that there was little real regard for growing consumer trends. I introduced EauLab with a range of sparkling waters with phytonutrients, plant protein, fibre and extracts to support various functions. But my ad agency mind kept saying: ‘What's the big idea?’ I knew it had to be something more.

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14 June 2021

Author: Alex Hawkins

Image: EauLab



How are you approaching building a multi-format, multi-vertical brand around the singular concept of hydration?

The EauLab strategy is to act as a multi-format, multi-sector brand that can deliver wellness in a variety of verticals and across many product lines beyond beverage. The multi-format model was very much influenced by the growth of e-commerce as a purchase channel. Because what it does is push us to think about product formats that are appropriate. I started out, like a typical beverage company, thinking in liquid. Then I started to think in what I call low- or no-liquid formats. For direct-to-consumer, we will focus on liquid concentrates and powders. But there's a second arm of this business model, and that is very much ready-to-drink.

EauLab is championing the idea of total body care. Can you explain what you mean by that?

The notion of reaching for a product to support a physical need is not new. But the idea of reaching for one that supports a mental or emotional need is starting to percolate. We see it with CBD for mood elevation. Gamers are looking for focus and clarity with their nootropic products. So it's this notion of functional drinks, which is very much in that physical space. There's a movement now towards supporting your cognitive function, your mental and emotional wellbeing, so that has pushed EauLab into thinking about both body and mind.

‘If you think like a beverage company, you're going to act like a beverage company. But if you start thinking like a hydration company, it opens up new sectors, new verticals and infinite product lines’
Sean Moran, founder, EauLab

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