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Tribes: Meet the The Upstreamists


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17 June 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory


Fuelled by the backlash against clean eating, these food and drink consumer's reject fad diets and treat food as nourishment.

Diets are dead. Well, at least for The Upstreamists they are. Rejecting quick- fix solutions, they represent a growing consumer mindset that adopts a more holistic approach to wellbeing and views food as nurturing, nourishing and medicinal. They believe that you can use food and drink in the same way you might use technology – to prevent health problems by upstreaming your eating habits.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss, and the preventative and personalised medicine and public health sectors are valued at £504.5bn ($648bn, €570bn) and £415.6bn ($534bn, €470bn), respectively. ‘It is finally being recognised that nutrition is a very important factor in our health, and so the preventative healthcare industry will continue to grow,’ says Nadja Pinnavaia, founder and CEO of Plantable (formerly Euphebe).

Into this environment, The Upstreamists tribe is emerging. Members are united by their 360-degree approach to their wellbeing, their Anti-diet Mentality and their proactive approach to food consumption. They are also bonded by their investigation of their bodies and emotional wellbeing, and their following of only trustworthy health gurus to help them make their food choices.

Our tribe members are Kavita Khosa, who lives in Pune, India, and uses the Ayurvedic medical system to inform her diet, Ramsgate- based Pandora Symes, a nutritionist who practises and teaches intuitive eating, andLilian Correa, a health educator based in San Bernardino, California, who uses food to address ailments and culinary medicine to inform her food and drink choices.

The Upstreamists is part of our new Food & Drink Tribes Report. If you have already purchased the The Upstreamists report, you can watch the original case study video below - you can find the password to the video inside your PDF report.

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For Tribes: The Food & Drink Collection, we spotlight 12 consumers who are challenging the industry one meal at a time. From Nicaragua to Sweden, they have been chosen for their unique attitudes towards food, their innovative approaches to sustainability and waste, and their insights into the ubiquitous reign of convenience culture.

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