Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities

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sector - retail
With the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out offering a chance to rebuild our societies and economies, we have launched a new on-demand webinar and report to explore the host of opportunities that await brands and businesses

As the long-term impacts of economic collapse, remote working, expedited digitisation and a collective health crisis are felt on a micro-level, organisations will be the ones to foster a re-ignited sense of optimism and rebuild their entire businesses for a polarised commercial landscape. But how will they go about it?

In the full hour-long webinar, we reveal a deeper analysis of the pandemic’s impact, consequences and highlight industry-defining case studies. Our research includes four global drivers and four sets of opportunities each for the Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Health, Wellness & Beauty, Food & Drink, Media & Technology, and Luxury & Fashion sectors.

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17 March 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Urban Sun, Studio Roosengaarde, The Netherlands


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