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Luxury & Hospitality Futures: The Film


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13 September 2018

Author: The Future Laboratory


In 2030 luxurians have replaced ostentation with meaningful materialism. But what prompted this shift away from opulence? Watch our speculative film on the future of luxury.

Next year, the luxury market will find itself in a state of flux, challenged to balance the needs and expectations of maturing luxurians with the values and priorities of a new generation of wealthy consumers. As a result, elite experiences will be transformed by a more considered approach to sourcing, once-humble products will become the new markers of wealth and technology will continue to shape access to luxury goods.

But how will this shift away from ostentation change how the wealthy spend their money in 2030? As a new generation of affluents emerge, the old signifiers of wealth will disappear. In this speculative film, we profile three future luxurians. The first, a Digital Patron, uses his money to support the new emerging creative arts. The second, a Clean Capitalist, uses her wealth to protect the environment. The last, a Meaningful Materialist, seeks guilt-free luxuries. 

Learn how to start harnessing these mindset movements in our new Luxury & Hospitality Futures Report.


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