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Tribes: Meet the Low-impact Eaters


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17 June 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory


Low-impact Eaters are consumers whose eating habits are designed to reduce the negative impact of their food and drink consumption on the environment. Their behaviour is part of a wider shift that is taking hold in the mainstream food and drink market.

 In the US, veganism has grown by 500% since 2014, according to Global Data. ‘Vegan products are capturing the imagination of consumers on health-related as well as ethical and religious grounds,’ says Emma Clifford, senior food and drink analyst at Mintel.

Low-impact Eaters use a variety of strategies to minimise their carbon footprint. San Francisco entrepreneur Michael Selden is the co-founder of Finless Foods, a biotech company that creates lab-grown marine animal food products to tackle over-fishing. Flemming Hansen co-runs Stedsans in the Woods in Sweden, a sustainable permaculture farm that aims to make food with the minimum use of packaging, transport and fossil fuels. Sophia Cheng is a global food activist and digital nomad who runs the ethical travel blog With Many Roots alongside If Not Us Then Who?, a US-registered charity.

Low-impact Eaters is part of our new Food & Drink Tribes Report. If you have already purchased the Low-impact Eaters report, you can watch the original case study video below - you can find the password to the video inside your PDF report.

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For Tribes: The Food & Drink Collection, we spotlight 12 consumers who are challenging the industry one meal at a time. From Nicaragua to Sweden, they have been chosen for their unique attitudes towards food, their innovative approaches to sustainability and waste, and their insights into the ubiquitous reign of convenience culture.

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