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Tribes: Meet the Kindred Diners


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21 November 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Case Study Tracy Hardy


Focused on community, conviviality and culture, Kindred Diners are pushing back against the cult of convenience in order to make eating once again pleasurable and thoughtful.

They’re responding to the disconnection between tv advertisements, brand campaigns and posters for food-delivery apps that continue to feature families and friends feasting together – when the reality is quite the opposite.

Eating has become anti-social, confined to on-the-go convenience foods, impersonal app-based orders and meals regularly eaten alone. In fact, snacking has become preferential to eating meals for 59% of adults worldwide, with the figure rising to 70% for Millennials (source: Mondelez International).

Driving change are the Kindred Diners – three innovators working to build communities around – and inspired by – food and drink. Former chef Jessica Alonso brings strangers together in Austin, Texas, for leisurely eating experiences. East London’s Alistair Maddox is building his business network by cooking for others, while Queensland-based dietitianand nutritionist Tracy Hardy is inspiring indigenous Australian families to put traditional bush foods back into their diets.

Kindred Diners are our latest Food & Drink Tribe, whose behaviours and preferences will inspire brands – as well as new generations – to reconnect with the pleasure and acquaintances that can be made through food and drink. Watch the Kindred Diners film and discover all three tribe members on our trends intelligence platform, LS:N Global.

Tribes, an exclusive series published on LS:N Global, is the culmination of months of ethnographic research conducted by our specialist researchers. Members of the platform use Tribes to get an exclusive glimpse into the homes and mindsets of their future consumer. If you’re still hungry to read more, we have more than 60 Tribes across a variety of sectors. Become a member today and get full access.


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For our Tribes: The Food & Drink Collection report, we spotlight 12 consumers who are challenging the industry one meal at a time. From Nicaragua to Sweden, they have been chosen for their unique attitudes towards food, their innovative approaches to sustainability and waste, and their insights into the ubiquitous reign of convenience culture. 

Discover all four reports in the Tribes: The Food & Drink Collection here:

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Please note, the Kindred Diners tribe is exclusively available on LS:N Global and does not feature in the Tribes: Food & Drink collection report.


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