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The Future Laboratory is excited to join Avantgarde Group for an upcoming event in the UK Pavilion at the 2020 World Expo in Dubai

In December, futures director Victoria Buchanan will join Dr Marc Schumacher, Co-CEO of Avantgarde Group, Stuart Bradbury, managing director of Avantgarde London, and Steve Austen-Brown, creative director of Avantgarde London, for an afternoon of insightful discussion about The Age of Re-engagement, a look at the future of the experience economy.

Global experience agency Avantgarde has been working on the creation of the UK Pavilion at Dubai Expo with Es Devlin and a talented team of designers, architects, engineers and digital developers to bring this pavilion to life.

The theme of the UK Pavilion is ‘Innovating for a shared future’. The pavilion will house a programme of talks from creative and innovative thinkers that will be complemented by a ‘best of British’ food and drink showcase, including Michelin Star chefs, as well as family-friendly interactive experiences and artistic performances.

The pavilion installation was inspired by the work of Professor Stephen Hawking’s Breakthrough Listen and Breakthrough Message initiatives, which are committed to looking for signs of intelligent life beyond Earth and determining what message Earth should hypothetically send.

Visitors can contribute a word via their mobile phone that will then be included on a series of LED panels on the front of the façade, creating a living poem – a global message from humanity. The poem can also be viewed from inside the cone, where it will be accompanied by an immersive musical soundscape.

Expo 2020 Dubai is taking place from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. The UK’s participation is led by the Department for International Trade, with support from the devolved administrations and other UK government departments.


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26 November 2021

Author: 2020 World Expo Dubai

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