Inter-Covid Roadmap : Beauty, Health & Wellness

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In the year ahead, beauty rituals, peer platforms and the rise of nature equity will create a new health lexicon. Our free Inter-Covid Roadmap report explores in detail the opportunities that now lie ahead for the sector

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Over the past year, health and wellness has been defined by homebodies, at-home fitness and hand sanitiser. But as the conversation about health moves beyond the immediate effects of the pandemic, a wider narrative of sustained, holistic wellbeing will take its place.

With resilience becoming an industry buzzword, consumers and companies are rejecting the narrative of ‘bouncing back’ to instead prioritise deceleration. Some 76% of respondents in Ogilvy’s The Wellness Gap report agree that the pandemic has affected the importance they place on wellness.

This mindset is, in turn, entering our cities – as our Urban Wellness Market predicted, health and wellbeing is being decentralised and built into the fabric of our urban spaces. There is also a push towards addressing the nature gap, with the pandemic highlighting unequal access to nature among communities of colour.

In the beauty field, consumers are re-adjusting their relationship with beautification, having spent much more time indoors.

Moving away from aesthetics, a focus on mood-boosting beauty, meditative rituals and bioresilience point to a pluralised and science-backed future of beauty administered through new innovations. The global beauty devices market is expected to register a CAGR of 19.7% in the decade to 2030 (source: PS Market Research).

‘With fluctuating periods of solitude and uncertainty in our lives, tracking and assessing our bodies from the comfort of our homes will become a ritual,’ Lucy Hardcastle, multi- disciplinary designer, tells LS:N Global.

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3 August 2021

Author: Holly Friend, Rachel Wilson and Gursharan Panesar

Image: LoveSeen



Beauty, Health & Wellness Opportunities

CosmeticsWith beauty routines having adapted to reflect increased periods spent at home, this is becoming a long-term mindset shift. As Enhanced Natural Beauty becomes embedded in our daily rituals, it is infiltrating categories that are traditionally decorative – LoveSeen, for example, aims to disassociate false lashes from the idea of heavy make-up with its more natural approach.

Platforms: The number of people diagnosed with chronic conditions is expected to rise at a startling rate as we deal with the aftershocks of Covid-19. There are, however, opportunities to build digital communities that provide peer-to-peer support for those with chronic conditions, such as Superbloom, a social media platform that offers an intersectional safe space for people to track their health journeys.

Skincare: After a year of development, skincare is evolving to address consumers’ heightened hygiene concerns. Fortify+ has unveiled products that it claims sanitise the skin and curb the development of bacteria. Meanwhile, Réduit is using technology to move away from hand-applied serums to smart skincare devices.

Campaigns and marketing: Health marketing is taking aim at inter-pandemic sedentary urban lifestyles and encouraging creative ways to get active. Swedish non-profit organisation Generation Pep!’s campaign seeks to increase Gen Alpha’s activity levels with TikTok-style dances. In the US, The North Face is taking action against nature deprivation in communities of colour, pledging to diversify outdoor exploration.

‘Tracking and assessing our bodies from the comfort of our homes will become a ritual’
Lucy Hardcastle, multi-disciplinary designer

Lab Notes

: Quick-fix solutions and beauty fads are being replaced with more measured, long-term beauty rituals that are simpler, slower and more natural
: Anti-bacterial and hygiene solutions may seem like a novelty, but we will take these concerns forward into the inter-Covid period. Rather than focusing solely on these properties, ensure they are integrated into your product offerings
: Brands can look to incorporate a greater understanding of integrative wellbeing – which acknowledges the direct link between physical and mental health. Think about how your products can combine the two and promote greater understanding of their links with consumers
: The pandemic has shone a light on inactive lifestyles, often as a result of unequal access to nature. Consider initiatives to diversify access to the outdoors and how they could become a focal part of your brand’s health campaigning in the future

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