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Danny Quick, co-founder of retail app, explains why live video selling among Generation Z will foster a community-led future for fashion resell

What is the backstory to the Galaxy platform?

Galaxy started with us as long-time buyers of secondhand and vintage. We were talking to friends who were selling vintage or second-hand on other platforms, and were semi-successful, but we found that nowhere in the process did their customers have a chance to really connect or grow any affinity to the seller.

On most resell platforms, there's no chance for buyers to understand what the seller's ‘brand’ is – their curation, perspective and styling – which are things that, in some cases, are as important as the actual product you buy. So, a lot of these merchants have headed over to Instagram or TikTok or YouTube to try and build a community or reach there. On top of that, merchants’ livelihoods and their businesses are really beholden to changes in such sites' search algorithms.

Who is Galaxy targeting as sellers – as well as also shoppers?

In our view, vintage and secondhand fashion is being driven primarily by Generation Z. They’re buying, selling and trading an array of vintage and secondhand items just like they would stocks. Gen Z regard secondhand fashion as sustainable; it’s cost-conscious and also a source of unique items. This is driving the biggest shift in consumer spending in a generation: the desire to buy secondhand fashion over fast fashion.

Galaxy's commitment to our sellers – known as merchants and most of who are under-25 – runs deep. We don't take any fees for sales and instead will focus on a subscription business model, which better aligns to these merchants. In turn, Galaxy merchants use a live video format to sell, and we give them tools to connect with their community. That way, they understand who their top buyers and true fans are, and how to deepen those relationships.

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13 July 2021

Author: Kathryn Bishop

Image: Nike Rawdacious, Tokyo


Galaxy, US

How important is community on Galaxy and how will it be fostered?

Helping merchants to build their community is literally the only reason Galaxy exists. We’ve built tools so they can schedule their next show, picking the date and time and then making what we call ‘drop videos,’ as a teaser of what they’ll be selling. Viewers can input their mobile number for a text reminder when the merchant goes live. We start there because a mobile number is such a direct line of communication. As a viewer or customer, you are then expected to join the conversation and be an active participant in the merchant’s livestream.

There is an educational aspect too, with the Galaxy Academy. Tell us more about this

The future of commerce is about community but there have been no resources for how you build a community and thrive as an entrepreneur, merchant and creator in 2021 and beyond. This was the thinking behind the launch of the Galaxy Academy, which is an online content series about how to post a successful livestream with us. Our merchants represent the next generation of social stars. Where maybe somebody had aspirations to be a YouTube or TikTok star, on Galaxy a merchant wants as many people as possible to show up to their livestream – but they need to optimise through authentic conversation points and planning a schedule, which is what the Galaxy Academy guides them on.

Will livestreaming be the only way to discover and buy fashion on Galaxy?

For now, showing up for a merchant's livestream show is the only way to buy and if you miss it, you may miss the item you wanted to get. On the longer term, there will be ways to buy outside of livestreams. We’re really focused on being this nerve-centre of a new generation of businesses, so you'll see us introducing different models of transactions and commerce outside of live video.

‘We’re witnessing the biggest shift in consumer spending in a generation: the desire to buy secondhand fashion over fast fashion’

Key Takeaways

: Galaxy is a community-focused app where sellers, known as merchants, use live video streams to sell vintage clothing and accessories to global audiences

: The platform aims to unite self-expression with fashion retail, tapping into the mindset of consumers driven by sustainability but also seeking to build a digital community

: Looking to the future, co-founder Danny Quick says the retail industry must prepare to hand the reins to customers and creators to dictate how they want to acquire good and experience retail


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