Will reliable experts replace luxury influencers?

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Future Forecast 2022
Luxury’s conscious evolution continues, as spirituality, sustainability and considerate marketing take root, while the home and hobbies become disruptor spaces

Watchful consumers have been surprisingly agile and vocal in challenging brand messaging that seems overtly ostentatious in the wake of COP26 and social justice movements. This is fuelling a shift towards conscious, circular and low-key consumption among aspirational and affluent consumers.

As explored in The Fives States of Luxury, healing and wellbeing will also be central to luxury in 2022, especially in China where brands are carefully navigating statements with an overtly political message. Elsewhere, opportunity can be found in the accoutrements and experiences brands can provide in line with global luxurians’ homebody lifestyles.

In our new Future Forecast 2022 report and webinar collection, we explore five trends from the Luxury sector:

1. Anti-ostentation Attitudes

2. Mixed-media Marketing

3. Sportive Affluents

4. Elevated Abodes

5. Healing Luxury

Alongside a Viewpoint with Gucci’s executive vice-president of brand
and customer engagement who unpacks luxury’s inter-Covid lessons – and what The Future Laboratory’s Five States of Luxury point to next.

Download the full report now and discover the future of Luxury.

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22 December 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Gucci Vault, Milan



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