Will models walk runways in the metaverse?

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type - future forecast 2022
Future Forecast 2022
While disruptive digital players drive drastic change in the fashion sector, the environment will continue to steer the industry’s future at large

For an industry that has joined the sustainability debate relatively late, fashion’s eco-reckoning is gaining pace, with industry processes becoming smarter and, where source materials are concerned, increasingly biodynamic and biodegradable.

Recycling, regeneration and even fermentation are now part of fashion’s more proactive stance, while interactive labelling is allowing brands and shoppers alike to track products across the value chain. As examined in Omnilux Lifestyles, metaverse fashion communities and real-life hangout spaces will further immerse Gen Z shoppers in moments and conversations centred on positive practices.

In our new Future Forecast 2022 report and webinar collection, we explore five trends from the Fashion sector:

1. Bio-positive Fashion

2. Eco-motional Fashion

3. Interactive Eco-labels

4. Coterie Consumerism

5. Fashion Meta-networks

Alongside a Viewpoint with Danny Quick, co-founder of retail app Galaxy.live, who explains why live video selling among Generation Z will foster a community-led future for fashion resale.

Download the full report now and discover the future of Fashion.

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28 December 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Maitrepierre SS21 by Adem Elahel



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