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Tribes: Meet the Fastronomic Foodies


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17 June 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory


For Fastronomic Foodies, food must be convenient and high quality. Meet the tastemakers who source the best ingredients, prep ahead, seek out new restaurants and turn to food replacement solutions to suit their busy lifestyles.

The meal replacement market, which serves more than 1m people each year, is estimated to be worth £11.9bn ($15.1bn, €13.5bn), with a potential value of £16.4bn ($20.6bn, €18.5bn) by 2021 (source: Research and Markets). Prominent brands include Ambronite, Queal and Soylent, which recently discontinued its food bars to focus on plant-based drinks to bridge the gap between meals.

Eating out remains popular, with the restaurant industry forecast to accelerate to a value of £2.9 trillion ($3.8 trillion, €3.4 trillion) by the end of 2019, according to Research and Markets.

Convenience is key to the Fastronomic Foodies’ way of life. They are pioneers of trends such as meal planning and replacements, and are hyper-knowledgeable about the food they eat and why they eat it.

In this Tribe, we capture three key movements. Fitness instructor Connor Minney, 26, who makes his meals ahead of time, is our meal prepper; Leanna Thomas, 31, luxury PR consultant, is our restaurant- loving fast-casual connoisseur; and software consultant Joe Conte, 35, whose diet once comprised 80% meal-replacement products, is our Soylent ambassador.

Fastronomic Foodies is part of our new Food & Drink Tribes Report. If you have already purchased the Fastronomic Foodies report, you can watch the original case study video below - you can find the password to the video inside your PDF report.

To get an exclusive glance into the homes and mindsets of your future food and drink consumers, and unlock all four videos, download all of the Tribes: Food & Drink Collection reports.




For Tribes: The Food & Drink Collection, we spotlight 12 consumers who are challenging the industry one meal at a time. From Nicaragua to Sweden, they have been chosen for their unique attitudes towards food, their innovative approaches to sustainability and waste, and their insights into the ubiquitous reign of convenience culture.

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