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The Branded Cities Podcast: Can We Avoid an Urban Dystopia? 


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26 March 2018

Author: Trevor Hardy

Image: Branded Cities visual by Inferstudio for The Future Laboratory


Will the dystopian branded cities of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell come to pass? Listen to our new podcast, which outlines three scenarios of how branded cities will evolve between now and 2050

With two-thirds of humanity predicted to be living in urban environments by 2050, cities need to be able to sustain the growing demands on their infrastructure. But if governments don’t have the resources to do this, will the role of city-makers fall entirely to corporations? And if so, will the metropolis of the future become a branded utopia or a commercial dystopia? 

These are the questions that lie at the heart of our new placemaking podcast, Branded Cities: Can We Avoid an Urban Dystopia? In it, we explore three preferable, probable and potential future scenarios of branded cities. Listen below.


We’ve also created a report based upon the same research. You can download a PDF of the report here.

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