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Breathwork: A Slow Film

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21 June 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory


As part of our Conscious Deceleration research, we worked with breath coach Richie Bostock to create a 20-minute film that guides viewers through a breathwork session, forcing them to slow down. Try it out...

Conscious breathwork encourages an alternative use of one’s breathing to alter one’s physical, mental or emotional state. Such focused breathing can be used to create energy in the body or to induce calmness.

The breathing lesson is presented as an uninterrupted slow tv experience. The movement of slow tv defies the conventional approaches to film-making such as frequent cuts, camera movements and the prominent use of music. It is a resistance to our experience of fast-paced visuals, and a commitment to realism and slowness.

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Conscious Decelaration Macrotrend

Wellness has been in accelerator mode. Having grown exponentially over the past few years, the sector has fallen victim to a narrative that tells consumers they must constantly achieve more – to be fitter, stronger or more zen – and pack more into their already saturated lives.

Now, a counter-narrative is emerging. In our Conscious Decelaration macrotrend, we explore a growing desire to replace a quick-fix mentality by focusing on slowing down and allowing space to breathe, both physically and metaphorically.

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