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This week: Cordials for non-drinking days, solar tiles for design-led dwellings, elevating the ride share market, screen-free entertainment and the fluid future of retail.

Jukes Cordialities, UK

1. Jukes Cordialities are a new wine alternative

UK – The range of premium adult cordials are catering for the demand for more complex-flavoured soft drinks.

Created by wine writer Matthew Jukes and design studio Barber Osgerby, the non-alcoholic cordials provide an alternative soft drink, elevated by premium flavours and sophisticated branding. Jukes aims to be an alternative to alcohol, while providing the same pleasure as drinking wine, with an equally elegant aesthetic.

Combining a blend of natural ingredients, the cordials are available in two varieties: Jukes 1 has a citrus and herb theme, designed to be uplifting and clean, while Jukes 6 has a deeper, spicy and earthy flavour. Both can be mixed with still, sparkling or tonic water, and served like wine or aperitifs. On creating his adult cordials, Matthew Jukes said: ‘I have never found a sophisticated, non-alcoholic adult drink that is genuinely satisfying, so I decided to make my own.’

Growing demand for non-alcoholic drinks is also being driven by an increasingly global palate, something we uncover in our Grown-up Sodas microtrend.

Kiki & Joost Collection for MyEnergySkin

2. Kiki & Joost uplift the aesthetic of solar panels

Netherlands – Design duo Kiki & Joost have launched a range of patterned solar energy tiles as a way to brighten façades and roofs in urban architecture.

Created for Dutch company MyEnergySkin, they combine colour, material and finish with solar energy technology. The new line is designed to improve the aesthetic of the built environment, while also providing renewable energy. The collection consists of eight designs and includes two roof tiles and six façade modules.

Inspired by impressions from the natural world and weathered materials, the tiles emulate oxidised copper and iron through mottled colours and patina-like patterning, making them subtle and stylish while also elevating the purpose and appeal of solar panelling.

With global demand for energy proving to be relentless, both technology and architectural brands are launching initiatives focused on empowering a new subset of energy-efficient consumers. Discover the case studies and brands leading change in our Renewable Energy market.

Joyn by Layer Studio

3. Eco-ride-sharing that rewards regular use

UK – Experience design agency Layer is proposing an autonomous ride-sharing platform that rewards urban users’ sustainable behaviour.

The concept, Joyn, aims to make ride-sharing a more desirable form of transport for city dwellers. Promising business-class comfort and convenience, Joyn confronts some of the public transport sector’s current challenges by offering a safer, more private and eco-friendly alternative to existing ride-sharing services.

Using the Joyn app, future travellers will accrue points for using the service, which can be exchanged for goods and services or given as a charity donation. They will also be able to connect with other riders, highlighting Joyn’s community-focused aspect, with Layer developing modular seats that maximise privacy but can also be adapted to allow face-to-face conversation or to let riders sit side by side.

As we explore in our Mobility vertical, brands and agencies are innovating the future of transport and commuting in order to meet the sustainability challenges of future urban environments.

4. Yoto is a screen-free interactive speaker for kids

UK – Independent design consultancy Pentagram has partnered with Yoto to create a tactile, interactive audio speaker for children.

Developed using a research-led process involving children from the ages of 21 months to seven years, the Yoto Player aims to provide the most straightforward entertainment and educational functionality, without the need for a screen or microphone. This resulting design in an easy-to-use audio player with a large pixel display that changes in line with the content being played.

Aimed at even the youngest of users, the Yoto Player uses multimedia cards that are slotted into the device, converting into variety of audio formats – from stories and music, to podcasts and sounds effects. The player also encourages children to get creative themselves, with a Make Your Own card allowing children to draw and insert their own content cards.

As we uncover in our interview with Helenor Gilmour of Beano Studios, Millennial parents are increasingly seeking out new and creative ways to educate their children, in particular through the use of analogue, hands-on experiences.

Yoto Player, branding by Pentagram
SKP-S mall, Beijing

5. SKP-S upends the phygital retail experience

China – Design-led retail space SKP-S is courting young luxury shoppers through phygital, future-bending interiors.

Opened as a wing of Beijing department store SKP, the space has been curated by Seoul-based eyewear brand Gentle Monster, which, working with architects Sybarite, is challenging the meaning of traditional store design. With numerous theatrical settings based on the theme Digital-Analogue Future, SKP-S toys with a future in which technological leaps will allow mankind to blur the boundaries between human and digital realms.

Comprising multiple floors, including a dedicated beauty area, SKP-S is anchored by a continually changing Art Experiment Space, that will feature a roster of exhibitions and installations. With bricks-and-mortar retailers facing stiff competition from online innovators, multi-brand retailers are beginning to deploy new strategies to keep people engaged.

And with Chinese luxury consumers losing their obsession with big international labels, affluent shoppers are instead looking for domestic brands that cater for a more mature market. We explore this in our State of Luxury: China market.

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