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This week: holistic fashion, the rise of active mums, emotional bots for Gen Alpha, sensible seltzers and socially-distant dining.

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29 May 2020

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Gospel Distillers, Australia


Cloudnova by On Running, Zurich

1. On Running’s performance fashion for holistic living

Zurich – On Running has released a fashion-forward trainer to fit our inter-Covid way of living.

The brand’s first ‘fashion’ trainer, Cloudnova, has been released at a time when the global crisis is accelerating the trends it taps into. In fact, the brand has even pushed forward the release date of the shoe to suit the current landscape and merging of fashion, performance and outdoor living.

‘Performance used to borrow from fashion. Now it’s been the other way around, and we see that in how outdoor gear has been adopted by fashion brands and how almost every brand now has sneakers, because it’s driven by a generation who is blurring the boundaries between work, home, sports, and play,’ explains co-founder David Allemann.

Many affluent consumers are increasingly viewing nature as a form of luxury. Particularly as the lifestyle sector continues to be impacted by Covid-19, consumers will be looking for garments that help them enjoy the Elevated Outdoors.

Nurturally designed by Chrome Cherry, US

2. A breast pumping sports bra for active mums

US – Nurturally's breast pumping bra also doubles up as a sports bra for new mums wanting to be active.

Designed by Chrome Cherry Studio, the bra allows mothers to carry out their daily routines without the disruption of blocks of time spent breast pumping. Also aiming to tackle some of the taboos around breast pumping, the hands-free bra is intended to reintroduce physical activity or moments of me-time into a mother's routine.

Created in response to the negative breast pumping experience of Nurturally’s founder, the sports bra style is designed to provide comfort while avoiding the leakage that is common with other breast pumping bras. Its bottle-holding sling and adjustable shoulder straps support the weight of a full bottle, without putting pressure on the breasts.

Women's lifestyles are increasingly multi-dimensional. Brands like Nurtually, which aim to empower positive and active Female Futures, are likely to resonate with those seeking tools and devices to help them combine parenthood with their pre-baby lifestyles.

Moxie designed by Fuseproject for Embodied, California

3. Moxie teaches emotional intelligence to Gen Alpha

California – The robot is designed to promote social, emotional and cognitive development among children.

Designed by Fuseproject for the start-up Embodied, Moxie was originally imagined for children on the autism spectrum, but now is targeted at all young children. Through a subscription model, Moxie teaches its Gen Alpha users new educational content each week, learning more about the child over time in order to personalise its content.

With learning themes ranging from empathy and respect, to eye contact and problem-solving, the child’s development progress is available for parents to monitor via an app and dashboard. ‘Moxie is a game-changing technology that has the potential to transform the way that children build social, emotional and cognitive skills,’ says Wendell Brooks, president of Intel Capital, one of Embodied’s investors.

As well as tapping into the rise of Edu-play-tion, Moxie hints at how, in a post-Covid world, new forms of Neo Kinship may be established to fill the social gaps created by a lack of human interaction.

4. Scottish seltzers for sensible drinkers

Scotland – Craft beer brand BrewDog has launched a range of hard seltzers to appeal to low-ABV drinkers.

Already a popular drinks category in America, BrewDog is putting a spin on hard seltzers with the range, Clean & Press, by mixing its own LoneWolf vodka with natural fruit flavours. Containing zero carbohydrates, zero sugars, and only including 90 calories per 330ml can, the product has been created for conscious drinkers.

Positioning seltzers to a European audience, Clean & Press prioritises flavour profiles for consumers wanting a lighter way to drink alcohol. The cans are currently available in white peach and mango and crushed black cherry flavours, with more flavours set to be released.

According to BrewDog, the launch of Clean & Press was fast-tracked as part of its efforts to reach its customers during the Covid-19 lockdown, with its bars and pubs closed.

The demand for healthier carbonated drinks has been brewing over the past few years, with brands like BrewDog catering to an audience tempted by Hard Pop.

Clean & Press by BrewDog, Scotland
‘Serres Séparées’ photographed by Willem Velthoven for Mediamatic, Amsterdam

5. Mediamatic’s isolation-friendly dinner dates

Amsterdam – Mediamatic has launched an isolation-friendly dining experience on the waterfront near Amsterdam central station.

Designed to abide by social distancing measures, the concept brings together locally-sourced food and crafted Amsterdam brew. Allowing couples to experience a romantic dining experience in a private and protective cabin, the ‘Serres Séparées’ enables both a safe social setting and an intimate opportunity for connection.

As many hospitality spaces plan for their future of service during and after Covid-19, new initiatives are emerging to enable private socialising in outdoor and public settings.

In order to future-proof guest experiences, restaurateurs and hoteliers are being challenged to redesign communal spaces for optimum health and safety. For more, read our opinion piece on the future of hotel design.

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