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This week: Upcycled sunscreen, a gender-neutral beauty toolkit, the World Cup’s sustainability goals, the premium homeware market and an antidote to single-use sheet masks.

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29 April 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: PAPERWORK by Off-WhiteTM, US


Rose From Above by Everyday Humans, US

1. Sunscreen made from upcycled rose petals

Los Angeles – Clean skincare brand Everyday Humans is releasing a sustainable mineral sunscreen using 'exhausted rose petals' that would otherwise go to waste in the manufacturing process. Its Rose from Above SPF 35 sunscreen also contains upycled rose oil, made from flower industry byproducts.

As the beauty sector works to be more ecologically-sound, more companies are upcycling from other industries to make positive use of discarded or unwanted materials. As the founder of Everyday Humans, Charlotte Chen Pienaar, explains: 'Upcycling is increasingly being recognised as an innovative way to lessen waste and reduce energy consumption, both in the beauty sector and beyond.' The sunscreen also contains a special blend of plant squalene, ceramides and antioxidants that help to strengthen the skin barrier and keep outside aggressors at bay.

In the past, we have seen moisturisers and other skincare products embrace the era of By-product Beauty, with innovation now shifting into the sunscreen market.


2. Off-White launches a gender-neutral beauty toolkit

Milan – Luxury streetwear brand Off-White is entering the beauty sector with a gender-neutral line called “PAPERWORK” that positions cosmetic products as tools of self-expression.

The collection is launching with four gender-neutral scents named Solutions and will eventually expand to include nail polishes as well as body and facial pigments. Together, each item in the collection caters to a different sense – such as sight, smell and touch – and aims to encourage consumers to approach their beauty routine as though it were a blank canvas.

To distance itself from the usual design tropes of the beauty industry, and to further emphasise its gender-neutral values, the packaging of the perfumes was inspired by industrial design and manufacturing processes. To this end, each bottle features a lid that is a replica of a handle found in industrial fragrance facilities.

By reframing beauty products as artistic tools, rather than products to enhance one’s appearance, Off-White is pushing the normal boundaries of scent, driving New Fragrance Frontiers.

Goal of the Century by Hyundai x FIFA World Cup 2022, UK

3. Hyundai promotes sustainability goals ahead of World Cup

South Korea – As the 2022 FIFA World Cup inches closer, automobile brand Hyundai is launching a sustainability campaign that reminds viewers and fans that the real Goal of The Century should be addressing the climate crisis.

A newly appointed Team Century, comprised of ambassadors like former footballer Steven Gerrard, Korean pop group BTS, and fashion designer Jeremy Scott, will push sustainability messages through and beyond the global athletic event. In addition to the powerful marketing campaign, Hyundai plans to provide eco-friendly vehicles for national teams, VIPs and event employees throughout the entirety of the tournament. There will also be the opportunity for fans to make eco-friendly pledges in correspondence to the number of goals scored by their team, adding a filter of fun to fighting climate change.

As football teams continue to rally around social and environmental causes, they are pushing political agendas that are leading consumers and companies to question can football teams become the next civic brands?

4. Hyper-local Italian furniture with global ambitions

Milan – Italian furniture brand Vero is striving to put hyper-local production on the global map. The company’s first collection features six functional objects that have been crafted by artisans in Puglia, southern Italy.

The products, which come in vivid tones of green and violet as well as softer shades of brown and cream, pay homage to Italy’s design history while pointing to the future of globalised production. While the items are manufactured in Puglia, they are made by an international roster of designers and manufacturers, including Stockholm-based Frederik Paulsen and Romanian designer Federico Elmo.

To avoid clients waiting weeks for their furniture – an issue that has been exacerbated by recent supply chain bottlenecks – the company operates on a ready-to-order model, guaranteeing that each item will be sent within one to two days. Further, as people look to invest more in their abodes in light of ongoing working from home capacities, Vero is bringing locally produced design to global audiences, forging a new path for the Premium Homeware market.

Vero, Italy
Avant Guard by Experiment Beauty, US

5. An antidote to single-use sheet masks

US – Beauty brand Experiment is offering a solution to wasteful single-use cosmetic masks with its debut product line. The Avant Guard reusable sheet mask can be used with any serums or moisturisers before being washed and reused.

According to Experiment, the mask acts as a solution to the 250m sheet masks that are currently being sent to landfills each year. Through its sustainable credentials and playful aesthetics, the mask appeals to the needs of Generation Z beauty buyers, who are seeking both practical and visual-first brands. Lisa Guerrera, co-founder of Experiment says: ‘Experiment marries the idea of true sustainable thinking, elegant formulation, and fun aesthetics to create a brand that looks towards the future beauty consumer.’

From community-first branding to bio-positive formulations, discover our round-up of beauty brands that are redefining the sector for Gen Z audiences.



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