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This week: The next frontier of virtual fashion, a dating app that only works on Thursdays, Pinterest rebrands, TikTok turns job site and Magpie’s next generation therapy.

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28 May 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Made Thought x Pinterest Endless Inspiration


GypsySport’s virtual fashion in IMVU

1. IMVU is the next frontier for virtual fashion

Global – Social networking app IMVU is set to host a virtual fashion show, allowing users to engage with digital looks designed in collaboration with metaverse creators.

At the event, which takes place on May 27, seven emerging designers will showcase their virtual collections in a runway setting, after which IMVU users will be able to buy pieces for their avatars. The metaverse platform, in which users can create and dress personal avatars, grew by 44% during the pandemic (source: Vogue). The immersive experience will include looks from designers such as Gypsy Sport, Freak City, Mimi Wade and My Mum Made It, designed in collaboration with creators from the IMVU community.

The event will also feature custom digital rooms on IMVU, providing designers with a space to showcase digital items beyond the runway. ‘We want to show the world that real life fashion drives meaningful connection, creativity and expression in virtual worlds too,’ says Lindsay Anne Aamodt, senior director of marketing at IMVU.

Through the event, IMVU is recognising how its metaverse can be used as a breeding ground for creativity as well as shopping – something we explore within Fashion’s Meta-Networks.

Thursday App, London

2. This dating app only works on Thursdays

London – Thursday is a new dating app that only works on one day a week, giving users just 24 hours in which to connect, chat and organise a date.

Running with the tag line #OneSingleDay, the app only comes to life on its namesake day. With no access for the other six days of the week, Thursday has a double ambition: to reduce time spent on dating apps while encouraging people to seize the moment, get out and enjoy being single.

With a reported 100,000 members already signed up in London and New York, the app will launch as Covid-19 restrictions ease. Beginning life as same-day dating app Honeypot, it has evolved into Thursday after its creators found it to be the busiest day of the week for app interactions.

‘Six out of seven days of the week, we say spend more time on you, not a dating app,’ reads a statement from the co-founders. ‘Come Thursday, open up the app and see who wants to meet that day.’

While Covid-19 has amplified socially-distant dating, Thursday taps into the excitement of IRL meet ups. Only being available one day a week equally demonstrates The Focus Filter in action.

Made Thought x Pinterest Endless Inspiration

3. Pinterest rebrands away from tech clichés

Global – The social media platform been rebranded to focus on anti-authenticity amid a monotonous technology landscape.

Working with creative studio Made Thought, the platform presents a visual identity based around five key principles: visually appealing, novel, relevant, positive and actionable. It purposely avoids technology clichés, which over time have come to revolve around empty promises of humanity and diversity. Instead, Pinterest is representing itself as brand which, ‘moves people not to scroll but to plan, play, dream,’ explains Made Thought in a statement.

We wanted to stand out and stand for something more than the ‘approachable aesthetic’ of tech,’ comments Alistair Webb, creative director at Made Thought. ‘Prioritising immersive worlds over flat interfaces was central to how the brand developed.’

By avoiding the conventional branding tropes of technology companies, which have raced to define themselves as 'authentic' in recent years, Pinterest tapping into our trend for Anti-authenticity Marketing.

4. TikTok could soon be a Gen Z job site

Global – The social platform is testing a tool to connect recruiters and TikTokers.

The pilot program, according to Axios, is designed to help young people find jobs on the TikTok, via a separate web page accessible via the main video app. On this new network, brands will be able to post available jobs, with a focus on entry-level positions.

Rather than applying with a traditional CV, users will be able to post a TikTok video resume that doubles as an elevator pitch and unique introduction to the applicant. The program is currently being tested with a beta group of brands, including major sports leagues.

This isn’t the first time TikTok has been used as a recruitment tool. In fact, brands such as HBO and Hollister have been utilising its creative Gen Z audience as a way to recruit for social media positions and graduate schemes. A subculture of TikTokers offering career advice has also thrived on the platform.

As we explore in our latest Youth microtrend Out-of-work Networks, we’re likely to see an explosion of branded career support systems, as Gen Z graduates continue to battle with the repercussions of the pandemic on their working lives.

Unity Works scheme

5. Magpie designs friendlier therapy for Gen Alpha

London – The branding studio has created an illustrative visual identity for children’s art therapy practice Magic Canvas.

Magic Canvas, which uses art therapy techniques to unlock and understand events in childrens’ past and come to terms with early experiences, wanted to move away from the clinical, inaccessible way that art therapy is typically communicated. Working with Magpie, its new branding uses a palette of Crayola pastel colours and visuals inspired by children’s drawings.

By taking this childlike, unpretentious approach to its identity, and one that targets children rather than parents, Magic Canvas hopes to overcome children’s fears around psychotherapy. ‘We recognised the need to balance play with professionalism – to appear fun for kids, whilst inspiring trust in their primary carers,’ says David Azurdia, creative partner at Magpie Studio.

At a time when young people are more aware their mental health than ever before, the therapy practice is being rebranded for a new generation of highly creative Gen Alphas.


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