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This week: Meta-tennis balls to track real-time play, a festival for LGBTQ+ music and learning, the power of micro-movements, NFT trading and a climate-adaptive art institution.

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28 January 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Daily Move by Calm, Global


Metakey and The Australian Open, Australia

1. These meta-tennis balls track real-time play

Australia – Universal token Metakey is working with the Australian Open tennis championship to offer a collection of generative non-fungible token (NFT) tennis balls. Called Art Balls, the NFTs combine real-time match and ball-tracking data. Each NFT represents a 19 x 19cm plot of tennis court surface, which are assigned randomly at purchase.

When any of the 11 championship points land on an NFT owner’s plot, they will be rewarded with the tennis ball used in the physical match – complete with a display case and a certificate of authenticity. Art Ball owners will also gain access to limited edition wearables, Australian Open merchandise and other future benefits. In this way, Metakey shows how NFTs can complement physical events to bolster the appeal of investing in digital assets.

Such a dynamic item points to future opportunities for sports fandom to enter virtual realms through immersive digital innovations.

VTSS for Flesh Festival

2. A UK festival for LGBTQ+ music and learning

Hertfordshire, UK – Taking place among woodland on the outskirts of London, Flesh is the UK’s first LGBTQ+ electronic music and camping festival. With a line-up that features a majority of female, trans+, non-binary, and queer artists, when it takes place in May 2022, the event will offer an alternative to the heteronormative and male-dominated music festival sector.

Open to all, Flesh bills itself as a space for LGBTQ+ individuals to unite with friends and allies. Heralding change in the live music industry, the two-day programme includes 100% underrepresented artists, with 90% of the line-up showcasing women, trans+, and non-binary artists. There will also be food stalls, pop-up shops and spaces that combine relaxation, play and educational workshops.

Allowing underrepresented artists to break through and reach new audiences, Flesh is spearheading change in an industry that has often faced criticism for its exclusionary practices. Elsewhere, we have explored how the LGBTQ+ community is seeking out safer and more welcoming hospitality spaces in the travel sector.

Daily Move by Calm, Global

3. Calm broadcasts the power of micro-movements

US – Recognising the importance of even the smallest acts of physical activity to bolster wellbeing, the meditation app is introducing a short-form daily video movement series. The videos, which are around five minutes in length, focus on connecting the mind and body through slow movements rather than intense bursts of exercise. The activities feature elements from yoga, tai chi, pilates, stretching, dance and walking.

The series, titled Daily Move, intentionally avoids hard-hitting fitness stereotypes, making sure the movements can be done in a short time and without specific goals, to take a decelerated approach to mental and physical wellness. ‘Our hope with Daily Move is to give members a way to build accessible, daily habits around movement that can be done in a few minutes, at any point in your day – while you’re brewing morning coffee or winding down after work,’ reads a statement by Calm.

In this way, Calm tunes into the shift towards Emotional Fitness – a trend we explore within Synchronised Care. As consumers continue to better align their wellbeing needs, services such as Daily Move will become integrated into our routines.

4. StockX welcomes NFT trading to its marketplace

UK – Aligning with growing demands for virtual assets, the streetwear marketplace is introducing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to its offering. Through its existing platform, users can buy and sell NFTs in the same way they would with physical items.

For example, when customers buy StockX’s Vault NFTs that correspond to physical sneakers, instead of receiving the actual items, buyers get an NFT to certify their ownership.

These NFTs can then be transferred directly between users, meaning there are no shipping or delay costs. StockX also offers owners the option to exchange their NFT for the physical sneaker that it’s tied to. Through this development, the marketplace recognises the shift towards digital ownership over physical collections.

While we’ve been tracking the evolution of online sneaker hubs, StockX shows how industries centred around hype have an opportunity to delve into the world of NFT trading as an alternative form of ownership.

StockX Vault NFTs, Global
Rochelle Haley exhibition at Bundanon, Australia

5. A climate-adaptive art institution arrives in Australia

Shoalhaven, Australia – After years of redevelopment, the Bundanon Museum is reopening as an art and hospitality destination with a range of amenities that preserve nature and uplift Indigenous communities.

Designed to respond to current and future climates, the museum is divided into wings that each interact differently with the local environment. To protect precious artworks from adverse climate conditions, the main art collection is housed in a subterranean building that ensures adequate thermal insulation. Elsewhere on the premises, a bridge has been constructed to respond to wildfires and flooding. Merging climate-adaptive infrastructure with hospitality, the bridge provides 32 guest suites that overlook the Australian landscape as well as a creative learning centre.

Beyond its art programming, the Bundanon museum has enlisted the help of local indigenous communities to help lead its bushland preservation programme following wildfires that devastated the region between 2019 and 2020. By combining art, hospitality, and nature preservation, the museum caters to climate-concerned consumers who are swapping extravagant holidays with regenerative tourism, aligning itself with the tenets of Post-conscious travel.



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