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24 May 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Gentle Fendi, South Korea


This week: Dazed Beauty's digital spa, a functional drink for flying, LVMH goes DTC, high-concept dining and virtual couture by The Fabricant.

Dazed Beauty Digital Spa

1. A digital spa that democratises wellness

London – Dazed Beauty has created an immersive microsite designed to question, democratise and demystify the world of wellness.

The Digital Spa is hosting a week of online classes, thought pieces, quizzes and meditative podcasts designed to analyse the meaning of wellness today. It will tackle topics such as ASMR, colour therapy, CBD, sexual wellness and sleep meditation, with a daily timetable and new content scheduled to drop throughout the week. Dazed Beauty will also use Instagram Live to host drop-in digital meditation sessions.

‘The wellness industry has started to build a reputation for being exclusive, overwhelming and outdated, as well as inaccessible to those who arguably need it most,’ explains Tish Weinstock, Dazed Beauty commissioning editor, in response to its open, accessible format. In The Future Laboratory's forthcoming health and wellness macrotrend – due to be launched in June 2019 – we will explore how the acceleration of the wellness economy has become anxiety-inducing for consumers, driving the need for new metrics of wellbeing.

FlyWater, Argentina

2. FlyWater offers functional beverages for flying

Argentina – The brand says its range of drinks is the first designed specifically to mitigate the effects of flying on the body.

Launching with three beverages, FlyWater was created and developed by innovation agency Luz&Fuerza Co in partnership with Grey and Landor Mexico. From dizziness to dehydration, the starting point for product development was a study conducted by The Aerospace Medical Association, which analysed the most common passenger ailments experienced during and after long-haul flights.

To combat some of these side effects, the range comprises Immune Booster, containing a mix of ginger, Wellmune and Echinacea extracts to improve the immune system, and Body Balance, an antioxidant blend of acai extract, vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea polyphenols, which help to balance the cardiovascular system. The third variety, Just Relax, combines lemon extract, herbal valerian compounds and L-Teanina for a calming effect.

By formulating functional beverages for frequent flyers, FlyWater demonstrates how busy, modern consumers can strive to be the optimal versions of themselves.

FENTY by Robyn Rihanna Fenty

3. Fenty is a disruptive new luxury house

Paris – Luxury conglomerate LVMH is partnering with Rihanna to launch a luxury fashion house from scratch.

Debuting this spring, Fenty will be developed by Rihanna and will feature ready-to-wear apparel, shoes and accessories. The brand hopes to disrupt the luxury sector not only as the first fashion house launched under LVMH by a woman of colour, but also by focusing entirely on direct-to-consumer (DTC) online sales.

According to Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO of LVMH, the group has brought together a talented and multicultural team to support launch of the Fenty Maison. ‘Designing a line like this with LVMH is an incredibly special moment for us,’ says Rihanna. ‘Mr. Arnault has given me a unique opportunity to develop a fashion house in the luxury sector, with no artistic limits.’

The partnership signals a wider shift not only in the mindset and expectations of luxury consumers but also brands, who are embracing new distribution models. For more on the evolution of luxury, explore our dedicated luxury vertical.

4. The world's first digital-only garment to go on auction

New York – A fashion piece that only exists virtually was auctioned at the recent Ethereal Summit, the Ethereum blockchain industry’s premier event.

The sale marks the first-ever auction of digital-only fashion and suggests a growing global market for collectible digital items, also known as crypto-collectibles. Selling for £7,450 ($9,500, €8,500), the couture piece, which was designed by Amsterdam-based digital fashion house The Fabricant, will never become a physical garment. It was auctioned by Dapper Labs, the team behind CryptoKitties, and was digitally worn by artist Johanna Jaskowska, creator of the popular Instagram filter Beauty3000.

As a blockchain digital asset, the virtual garment doubles as both clothing and a form of cryptocurrency, signalling how blockchain and virtual fashion are set to transform clothes ownership. In our Immaterial Fashion macrotrend, we consider how digitisation offers a new route for consumers seeking new ways to engage with clothing brands.

The Fabricant in collaboration with Dapper Labs and Johanna Jaskowska, New York
Omakase restaurant by Shanghai Hip-pop Design

5. A restaurant inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms

Shanghai – The restaurant serves high-end kaiseki cuisine in an eye-catching, high-concept setting.

Located in a renovated business centre in Shanghai, the interior design for Omakase takes its cues from dew-covered sakura petals, reflected throughout the space with an abundance of pink, decorated glass panels and partitions, and a floor made of backlit glass panels. The space was designed by local practice Shanghai Hip-Pop.

On the ground floor, the restaurant has an open-plan layout with a sushi bar and a private dining space. A staircase leads to the second floor where guests are seated in private rooms, all divided by glass panels emblazoned with cherry blossom motifs. By using its unique interiors to create an immersive dining atmosphere, Omakase reflects the evolving demand for memorable customer experiences. For more, read our Experience 2020 report.


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