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This week: A bad break-ups delivery service, teen tech welfare, an erotic art guide, IRL meets social shopping and a dual-purpose skin shielding serum.

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23 July 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Moonflowers, US, Photography by Anne Kim


Postdates, US

1. Postdates is a mock delivery service for bad break-ups

US – Postdates' tongue-in-cheek service allows newly single people to seamlessly get belongings back from their exes. At first glance, it seems like a useful service to help users avoid uncomfortable confrontations, but the project has an ulterior motive: to raise questions about our reliance on technology.

Launched by the creative team behind the satirical Amazon Dating site, Postdates is now live in New York and Los Angeles for a limited time. Users can either request or send possessions that have been left behind, choosing from packages such as Lived Together – in which items include dog bowls and a cast-iron skillet – or Hooked Up, which ranges from commonly requested hoodies to iPhone chargers. The brand has partnered with delivery services Airpals and Gourmet Runner to connect the broken-hearted with a driver for 24-hour delivery.

Campaigns that parody our incessant start-up culture may be nothing new, but Postdates is taking this a step further by launching as a fully operational service. The concept intends to hold a mirror up to society’s use of convenience services to avoid awkward conversations and human moments that are integral to developing a resilient sense of self.

TikTok 'For You' House at Westfield London

2. TikTok’s pop-up educates on teen tech welfare

London – Providing learning and exploration for both young creators and parents, social media platform TikTok is hosting an immersive pop-up space in Westfield shopping centre. Its For You House features interactive spaces including The Living Room, The Kitchen, The Dressing Room and The Garden – each offering creator-led sessions on themes from beauty and dance to cooking and entertainment.

Celebrating the community and creativity of the platform, these sessions reflect most TikTok's popular trends, while a Trust & Safety educational element supports parents in keeping teenagers safe.

By simultaneously tapping into the interests of young users and minimising parental concerns, TikTok is taking responsibility for its services and ensuring it promotes positive online interactions.

As the video-sharing platform continues to grow in popularity, there is increasing need for brands to play a supportive role in providing Teen Tech Welfare.

While we have previously noted the rise in trans-positive beauty and wellness campaigns, Pantys is taking this further by working with members of the trans community throughout the manufacturing process to develop the product – from material and design to colour and testing.

Classic Nudes by Pornhub, US & Global

3. Art museums are porn again

US & Global – As global museums and cultural sites begin to welcome visitors back to their venues, adult media site Pornhub is connecting with audiences through its novel erotic art guide, Classic Nudes. The interactive site highlights an array of intimate artworks on show at six famous museums from The Louvre in France to The Uffizi Gallery in Italy.

To take part in the experience, users can follow a digital map, locate various pieces of art, and listen, read or watch content relating to historical details. The campaign also features a promotional video narrated by Hungarian-Italian artist and pornography legend Cicciolina.

With porn usage spiking in the early months of the pandemic, Pornhub is seizing a cultural opportunity to bolster brand loyalty with digitally native audiences beyond its main platform. This take on Post-modern Museums allows the brand to expand on its efforts to be an educational yet playful source of inspiration.

4. Klarna merges IRL and social shopping experiences

London & New York – As consumers tentatively re-embrace physical retail stores, buy-now, pay-later (BNPL) service Klarna is teaming up with social shopping platform HERO. The acquisition will empower the in-store teams from Klarna’s 250,000 retail partners to become content creators – offering reviews, real-time advice and product information.

By merging in-person customer service with the convenience of e-commerce, Klarna sets an example of how to maintain relevance in bricks and mortar retail after a period where consumers have had to rely on digital shopping experiences. Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO of Klarna comments: ‘This will unlock growth for retailers by creating a new hybrid shopping experience that enables consumers to make informed purchasing decisions as part of an engaging and personalised shopping journey.’

This initiative particularly reflects the shopping behaviours of Generation Z – a cohort of coterie consumers who enjoy both physical and digital retail experiences. And with buy-now, pay-later (BNPL) services proving popular among this demographic, Klarna is appealing to both the discovery and transactional preferences of Gen Z.

Catch Flights, Not Feelings Skin Shielding Serum by Goodhabit, US

5. This dual-purpose serum shields against travel pollutants

US – As consumers regain a glimmer of hope of returning to travel experiences, skincare brand Goodhabit has introduced a protective serum to shield against environmental and pollutants. Its Catch Flights, Not Feelings Skin Shielding Serum provides a barrier for pollutants like dust, smoke, smog and dry air inside aeroplanes. Featuring circulation-boosting ingredients such as Evodia Fruit and Arnica Extract, the product protects against skin concerns such as dehydration, hyper-pigmentation and dullness.

Recognising the multiple skin stressors associated with on-the-go lifestyles, the serum taps into a future in which flying returns as a regular activity, while also protecting against urban aggressors. Through this innovation, the brand tunes into people’s daily environmental concerns and responds to the trend of Wanderlust Beauty.

While tourism has largely been put on pause during the pandemic, such products benefit both the travel and beauty sectors through hopeful marketing and forward-thinking products. But with travel remaining uncertain, Goodhabit's multi-faceted solution allows it to maintain relevance in the inter-Covid period.



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