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This week:  The zero-carbon superyacht, CO2Made® Eyewear, TikTok’s suspenseful campaign, Tinder helps people find a wedding ‘plus one’ and The Unseen’s phygital make-up.

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29 October 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Yacht Concept VY-01 by 3DELUXE, Germany


Yacht Concept VY-01 by 3DELUXE, Germany

1. This zero-carbon superyacht is a luxurious biotope

Germany – Design practice 3deluxe is combining the luxurious tropes of superyachts with bio-positive innovation. Its VY.01 conceptual project presents a zero-carbon superyacht, featuring eco-conscious elements such as a greenhouse, an on-board vegetable garden and zero-carbon solar panels on the roof and interior.

The creators intend for it to be used for both work and relaxation, as well as being made available for educational and training purposes. In a press release, the design practice describes VY.01 ‘as a modern, innovative school ship for new inspirational approaches for young people, students and innovative start-ups, as an unconventional place for summits, conferences and think tanks.’ In this way, 3deluxe aims to subvert the elitism associated with superyachts, instead positioning it as an open-access environment for societal discussions and bio-positive experimentation.

While this project has a clear environmental purpose, we’ve previously explored how such luxurious environments can serve as resilient residences for a future affected by climate change and disasters.

CO2Made® Eyewear by PANGAIA Lab and Twelve, New Yor

2. CO2Made® Eyewear by PANGAIA Lab and Twelve, New York

The material science and apparel brand is continuing its innovations into CO2 recycling with the creation of its first eyewear collection. Its sunglasses use polycarbonate lenses, formed in a process whereby carbon emissions are collected and converted into tangible materials using water and renewable energy.

Arriving as part of a partnership with carbon transformation company Twelve, the lenses avoid conventional materials such as oil – and instead rely on polluted air. This product launch builds on the brand’s previous experiments into CO2 recycling, where it used the technology to create carbon-negative textile ink. ‘The overall material philosophy of Pangaia is ‘high tech naturalism’which involves utilising the abundance of nature, augmented by high tech processes, sustainable chemistries and processes, toexpand the functionality of materials,’ explains the brand in a press release.

As brands continue to implement climate-positive goals, keep track of the latest environmental innovations within our Climate Crisis series.

You Have to See it by Le Truc for TikTok, New York

3. TikTok induces FOMO with suspenseful campaign

In a bid to lure new users, TikTok's latest campaign highlights how viral videos from its platform spread offline and ignite cultural conversations, even among people who do not have the social media app.

Working with creative agency Le Truc, the ad spot is themed around a real TikTok video in which a New York woman discovers an abandoned apartment behind her bathroom mirror. In the campaign, a diverse cast of both actors and real-life TikTok influencers break down each moment of her discovery. At one point, Martha Stewart makes a cameo, hammering home the message that unmissable content can be found on TikTok, helping to inciting FOMO – the fear of missing out – for anyone without an account.

As TikTok surpasses one billion active monthly users, this new campaign shows how its content can permeate wider social situations, fostering connections and storytelling offline. By leading with a social approach and embracing the Everyteen TV model, TikTok is appealing to viewers who favour casual storytelling over highly curated media.

4. Tinder is helping people find a wedding ‘plus one’

US – Expanding beyond its roots as a dating app, Tinder is launching a feature to help people find a 'plus one' for weddings. To signal interest in finding a guest to attend with, Tinder users must visit its recently launched Explore page, created to match people based on shared interests.

For the launch, Tinder is also partnering with wedding planning website WeddingWire, offering a short-term initiative to help single guests cover the cost of attending ceremonies. It also arrives at a time when the wedding sector is rebuilding in the inter-Covid period. ‘WeddingWire expects to see up to a 20% increase in weddings in 2021 and 2022, compared to typical levels,’ explain Tinder and WeddingWire in a press release. ‘This impending uptick seems to have already been felt by unattached invitees, with mentions of ‘plus one’ in Tinder bios increasing 45% since the beginning of the year.’

By promoting the idea of plus one arrangements and recognising that solo living can incur additional costs, this initiative reflects the rise in Uncoupled Living, as people navigate life beyond traditional partnerships.

Tinder Plus One
Spectra by The Unseen Beauty

5. This phygital make-up blurs beauty realities

London – Experimental materials company The Unseen is breaking boundaries in the beauty sector with its dual reality make-up. Its Unseen Beauty brand is initially launching an eye cream called Spectra, which transforms from a grey or black colour into a reflective silver when exposed to the flash of a phone camera. This scientific innovation allows wearers to capture an aesthetic that can only be viewed via digital means.

Building on its history producing experimental materials, The Unseen Beauty represents the company’s first foray into branded consumer products. By bringing its pioneering approach to mass audiences, The Unseen is allowing people to programme their realities. ‘I just thought, wouldn’t it be funny if you created a colour that physically existed, but was only ever seen in the digital space,' states Lauren Bowker, founder of The Unseen. ‘So it became an interesting question of that digital [versus] physical reality. How can I create something that exists in both worlds?’

As we consider future directions for beauty and wellness, the sector will increasingly be led by products that adapt to offer different experiences in the physical and digital worlds.



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