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This week: A refuge for festival-goers, a New York roller-skating rink, AI personalisation, smoke-proof skincare and the first hotel in the metaverse.

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22 April 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: adidas and Ready Player Me, Germany


The Playground by Architensions at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2022. Photography by Lance Gerber, US

1. Art that serves as a refuge for festival-goers

California – An art installation at music festival Coachella is providing attendees with a refuge from sensory overstimulation. The Playground is a large-scale artwork by multidisciplinary design studio Architensions that brings wellness considerations to the fore of festivals.

Comprised of four steel wireframe towers, The Playground is colourful structure that serves as an assembly point for festival-goers, inspired by public spaces in urban settings, like piazzas, arcades, and parks. With no technology or screens, the installation seeks offer a welcome break from the sensory overload of music festivals, providing a space for attendees to take a breather before continuing their revelry.

While most stages and experiences at festivals vie for attendees’ attention with loud displays and immersive experiences, The Playground goes against the grain by offering a space for rest, relaxation and contemplation. As such, it’s following the broader trend for Enlightened Spaces that favour moments of self-discovery over shared spectacle.

Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace by Liberty Ross, US

2. A roller-skating rink in the heart of New York City

New York – Model turned entrepreneur Liberty Ross is opening a roller-skating rink at the Rockefeller Centre, capitalising on the pandemic boom for new hobbies.

The new venue is a revival of Flipper’s Boogie Palace, a skating rink set up by Ross’ father in the 1980s and described as ‘Studio 54 on wheels’. For three years, the club was the beating heart of West Hollywood’s art scene, said to be frequented by everyone from Elton John to Cher.

With the resurgence of retro and nostalgic hobbies, Ross decided it was the appropriate time to reopen Flipper’s to provide a health and community-oriented space for people to congregate IRL. The rink has been designed by Bureau Betak and includes a food and dining areas, a viewing platform and retail store, with events such as music performances and live DJ sets planned. 'At Flipper's, we believe in less scroll, more roll!’ explains Liberty Ross, co-founder of Flipper’s Boogie Palace.

By tapping into the rise of the roller-skating among younger people in particular, and creating a space where they can meet offline, Flipper's is contributing to the Gen Z Hangout Market.

adidas and Ready Player Me, Germany

3. Adidas offers personalisation for AI avatars

Global – Aligning with the growing importance of personalised avatars, the sportswear brand is launching a personality-based artificial intelligence (AI) generated avatar creation platform. Created for cross-game avatar platform Ready Player Me, the platform accompanies the launch of its Ozworld apparel collection.

To generate users' unique digital avatars, Adidas will ask users a series of questions to assess their personal taste, recognising the need to empower users with digital tools that reflect their personal values. A statement from Adidas explains: ‘Championing new possibilities to create, collaborate, and belong, the Ozworld platform launch is the next bold step in adidas Originals’ ambition to create a truly open and optimistic metaverse for all.’

With this initaitve, Adidas facilitates the creation of Affirmative Avatars, an idea that is especially pertinent at a time when consumers are looking to brands to create a Betterverse.

4. A serum that smoke-proofs skin against wildfires

France – As wildfires become an increasingly common occurrence across the world, French beauty brand Pour Moi is releasing a serum that strives to protect the skin from the harmful effects of smoke and pollution.

The Smoke Alarm Drops were created to boost the body’s defences against smoke, which can cause inflammation and premature ageing. When there is a wildfire or poor air quality, consumers can simply add the serum to their facial moisturiser or daily SPF to enhance their protection. ‘This is the first product that smoke-proofs your skin. The wildfires in California are raging now, and they get into our stratosphere and come down everywhere throughout the United States and Europe. When a wildfire is raging, your skin is hugely at risk,’ explains Ulli Haslacher, founder of Pour Moi.

As consumers across the world experience the effects of the climate crisis first-hand, they are seeking out skincare products that act as a first line of defence against environmental stressors. This is resulting in the rise of climate-adaptive skincare and toolkits that are designed to respond to the air pollution crisis.

Smoke Alarm Drops by Pour Moi, US

5. The first hotel in the metaverse

Amsterdam – Hospitality group CitizenM is building a hotel in the gaming platform The Sandbox, a virtual realm where players can build, own and monetise their creations. The digital hotel will be used to reward consumers for their loyalty and to involve customers in the company's plans.

To finance the digital hotel, CitizenM will auction 2,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that come with randomly assigned attributes. Of these tokens, 1,500 will be reserved for ‘regular citizens’, 450 will go to ‘special citizens’ and the remaining 50 will be earmarked for ‘legendary citizens’. Depending on which NFT the consumer possesses, the tokens will grant access to perks that can be redeemed at any of CitizenM's real locations, such as discounts, free drinks and more.

In addition to offering rewards, the NFTs will also be used to fund a real, physical property where token-holders will be able to vote on the location. As a result, the project embraces the concepts we explored in Digital Twin Cities, in which a digital environment is used to empower citizens and consumers to explore and engage with their real-life surroundings.



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