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15 May 2020

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: LLY Atelier by Camille Boyer and Nik Mirus


This week: Asystem’s active skincare, Swedish socially distanced dining, multi-sensory music, Hilton doubles down on hygiene and Algae-powered footwear.

Radical Relief by Asystem

1. Asystem’s skincare for active recovery

US – Asystem has launched a new men's skincare line, Radical Relief, aimed at natural recovery and pain relief.

Featuring two innovative products – a gel roll-on to be used topically. and turmeric-based anti-inflammatory support pills – the system works from the outside in. Created with natural ingredients, the Radical Relief system avoids harsh chemicals and provides both external rejuvenation and internal healing.

Designed as an innovative, inside-out system that helps minimise the impact of muscular, joint and bone pain, Asystem is engineered to boost energy and focus, as well as fight against the impact of daily stressors. In addition to skin support – resulting in firmer skin and fewer wrinkles – the products are equally effective on ailments such as tech neck and post-workout recovery.

With male consumers recognising the importance of rest and rejuvenation, brands are stepping in to provide wellness solutions for Active Recovery.

Bord for En

2. Covid-19: Sweden’s ‘Table for one’ restaurant

Sweden – A one table, one person restaurant, called Bord för En, has opened in the country of Värmland in west-central Sweden as a conceptual dining initiative.

Located in the middle of a meadow, the food is sent to the solitary diner via a basket on a string from the chef’s kitchen window. Created by Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson, the concept was inspired by the couple’s own experience of self-isolation and delivering food to family members.

The three-course, vegetarian menu is created by Persson, with drinks by acclaimed Swedish bar Joel Söderbäck. Recognising that everyone is in a different situation due to Covid-19, the restaurant operates on a ‘pay what you can’ basis.

The food and drinks industry has experienced dramatic impacts since Covid-19. All catering businesses, from restaurants to delivery services, are having to operate according to contingency plans. But none have gone to such extremes as this... yet. To keep up to speed with the latest developments in this industry, go to our Food & Drink section.

Synesthesia X1 by Synesthesia Lab

3. Synesthesia X1 elevates the musical experience

Japan – Synesthesia X1 is an experiential and holistic device created to make listeners feel fully absorbed in sound.

Incorporating two speakers and 44 haptic actuators, the reclined-chair device allows users to ‘see sounds’ and ‘hear colours’. With vibrations and light-focused technologies creating a multi-sensory experience, users are able to feel fully immersed in ‘a sensory musical experience where your body becomes the medium and your consciousness is honed,' according to its designers.

Encased within a giant cube, it invites people to discover heightened sound sensations as part of a whole body experience. With consumers increasingly prioritising experiences that focus on self-discovery over shared spectacles, Synesthesia X1 raises the bar for hyper personal, high tech listening experiences. For more, read our macrotrend on Enlightened States.

4. Hilton sets a new standard for hotel hygiene

US – Hilton has announced a new cleaning programme offering elevated hygiene practices from check-in to check-out.

To meet evolving consumer expectations during the Covid-19 pandemic, Hilton is collaborating with Reckitt Benckiser, maker of cleaning brands Lysol and Dettol, to upgrade its cleaning protocols and ensure a safer stay for guests.

The initiative, called Hilton CleanStay, will establish rigorous cleaning across guest rooms, restaurants, fitness rooms and in other public spaces from June onwards.

‘Hilton CleanStay builds on the best practices and protocols we’ve developed over the last several months, allowing our guests to rest easy with us and focus on enjoying the unforgettable experiences we have to offer – while protecting our team members who are on the front lines of hospitality,’ says Christopher J. Nassetta, president and CEO of Hilton.

To learn more about how travel and hospitality brands can become pandemic-proof, read our dedicated listicle.

CleanStay by Hilton
Native Shoes

5. Algae shoes for sustainable families

Canada – Native Shoes is expanding its 'waste-to-wellness' footwear line with the launch of Rise by Bloom, a new range of slip on shoes made from algae.

With consumers becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of fashion, the need for more Sustainable Footwearis especially front of mind. As such, the brand’s new collection is formulated with a two-fold process in which toxic algae is swept from lakes and freshwater ecosystems and transformed into a high-performance material for their functional footwear.

To further their sustainable mission, Native Shoes have also integrated Bloom-based technology in their Jefferson Kids range.Created as part of a wider eco-initiative, the brand has a goal of giving 100% of their shoes an end of life solution by 2023.

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