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This week: Miu Miu explores the female experience in Saudi Arabia, Bompass and Parr create a 30-minute recharge experience, a smart mirror for guided at-home workouts, Teen Vogue embraces disability and we launch a new Luxury report.

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14 September 2018

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Guestlist 2030 film, The Future Laboratory


Miu Miu, Women's Tales, The Wedding Singer's Daughter, Saudi Arabia

1. Miu Miu explores the female experience in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia – Prada’s subsidiary Miu Miu launched the latest film in its Women's Tales initiative, which has been giving female directors a platform to explore their stories since 2011.

The short film, entitled The Wedding Singer’s Daughter, is set in the capital city of Riyadh in the 80s and follows a group of women as they enter a wedding venue, where the reception is separated by genders. It explores the multiplicity of the female experience in Saudi Arabia, showcasing the women wearing glamorous Miu Miu clothing beneath their abayas.

Directed by Saudi Arabia's first female filmmaker Haifaa Al-Mansour, the piece highlights the country's conservative past and hints at its future through its protagonist, a young girl who looks to save her mother, the wedding singer, from humiliation.

For more on the brands that are working to rewrite narratives around gender, book our Female Futures in-house presentation.

Paradise Now by Bompass and Parr at Eccleston Yards, London

2. Paradise Now offers visitors a 30-minute recharge

London – Hosted at the recently opened dining and co-working destination Eccleston Yards and programmed by experience designers Bompas & Parr, Paradise now will let visitors experience an array of the latest wellness trends. ‘This project is the culmination of a year of research into how an architectural space can give you the blissed out feeling of a full holiday in under an hour,’ explain Sam Bompas and Harry Parr.

The event will span everything from biohacking to Nootropics, urban nature bathing and touchscreen chromo-therapy. Particular highlights include a pink mist waterfall enriched with energising mineral and herbal extracts, ‘haptic dunes’ that infuse meditators with nutrients from vitamin enriched pebbles, and an ‘electrolyte aqua bar’ that will filter London’s rain through columns filled with geological layers derived from seven different continents.

For more on how the placemaking and wellness industries are colliding to create new destinations that place human health as a central priority, read our Health & Wellness Futures report which explores our Certified Wellness macrotrend.

3. A smart mirror for guided at-home workouts

New York – Described as a ‘nearly invisible interactive home gym’, Mirror is a new home device that doubles as a full-length mirror and interactive workout platform.

With a sleek, free-standing design, Mirror has been created to fit seamlessly into a bedroom or living space, transforming into a two-way screen that allows the owner to actively follow classes such as yoga, boxing and cardio. Mirror is embedded with a camera and speakers, so users can see themselves, their workout instructor and classmates, and can choose from 50 live classes each week or from a library of on-demand workouts.

‘We’re creating a personalised experience with the best trainers and classes around the world, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of a workout, whenever and wherever they want,’ CEO Brynn Putnam explains in a press release.

Like cycling fitness platform Peloton, which at CES 2018 introduced an interactive treadmill, Mirror is targeting time-pressed consumers who want immersive, efficient and effective at-home workout experiences.


4. A September issue that sheds light on disability

US – Amid growing inclusivity in the fashion industry, Teen Vogue has dedicated its September issue covers to three disabled models.

Authored by Keah Brown, a writer and disability advocate with cerebral palsy, the issue’s in-depth lead article calls out the fashion industry for its exclusion of disabled models. As well as drawing attention to the brands that have made steps towards inclusivity, such as Aerie and Tommy Hilfiger, Brown talks to three disabled models about their personal experiences in the industry.

‘There wasn't anyone who looked like me in any magazines or mainstream media, TV, or anything. It was definitely confusing because I knew my worth in the world,’ says Jillian Mercado, a model with spastic muscular dystrophy. ‘I knew that there are [so many] people out there like me, but we are never included in any conversations.’

Alongside fashion brands, UK model agency Zebedee Management is working to increase the representation of people with disabilities in campaigns and in the media. However, brands are being challenged to ensure that inclusivity is wholly integrated into their business, so it does not become tokenistic.

The New Faces of Fashion by Teen Vogue, US
Guestlist 2030 film by The Future Laboratory

5. Our Luxury Futures Forum examined the Uneasy Affluence trend

London – The event, hosted at Corinthia Hotel London, covered the latest shifts disrupting the luxury and hospitality markets, from the rise of ‘bundled buys’ in high-end clothing to the untapped potential of the luxury sports fan demographic and the growing demand for lab-grown diamonds.

A range of leading industry speakers, including Vanessa Jacobs, founder of The Restory, and Oliver Williams, co-founder of consultancy WealthInsight, shared their expertise on today’s luxury consumer mindsets, while LS:N Global deputy foresight editor Kathryn Bishop presented our latest macrotrend, Uneasy Affluence, outlining how a collective backlash against ostentatious spending is fuelling new anxiety among high-net-worth individuals.

You can watch our Guestlist 2030 speculative film, where we profile three future luxurians here. For more insight into the latest developments in the luxury and hospitality sectors, download our new Luxury and Hospitality Futures 2018 Report.


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