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13 December 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Health-Ade Kombucha


This week: Airline seating re-imagined, a Chinese cocktail incubator, luxury apparel for furry friends, next-generation supplements and CBD with botanicals.

Interspace by New Territory in partnership with RedCabin and the Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit

1. New Territory re-imagines aircraft seating

London – London-based industrial design studio New Territory has launched a new company focused on re-inventing the customer experience on aircraft and other forms of public transport.

Named Universal Movement, its first project – Interspace – offers a fresh take on the traditional airline seat. Designed to accommodate passengers’ real movement, each seat features two padded supportive wings that fold out from the back. These not only provide greater lateral support by allowing passengers to rotate, lean and rest on a cushioned surface, they also provide greater privacy.

‘Universal Movement and Interspace have been born from the fact that not enough time, thought and resources have been invested into the back of the aircraft cabin,’ says Luke Miles, founder and chief creative officer at New Territory. ‘We believe that comfort, good posture and wellbeing are human rights, irrespective of financial status or social class.’

As we explore in our Future of Flight Wellness market, consumers are looking for products and services to improve their wellbeing in transit.

The Tasting Room, Chengdu

2. A cocktail incubator by day and a bar by night

Chengdu – Creddie Workshop is an R&D space for bartenders that doubles as a cocktail bar.

By day, the space is designed for bartenders to develop and test new cocktails using a variety of ingredients. By night, it transforms into the Tasting Room, a bar that invites the public to taste the new cocktails being developed in the workshop. Each concoction has its own ID card featuring the recipe and research notes from the bartender.

The workshop also provides technical consultancy, drink menu development and training for other bars and bartenders around the city. By shifting from a daytime workspace to a night-time venue, the bar offers cocktail-makers the chance to gain real feedback from customers.

The bar is developing the concept of Edible Incubators, spaces that foster collaboration to create new food and drink products.

SSENSE dogwear

3. Luxury label doppelgangers for four-legged friends

Montreal – Independent retailer SSENSE has collaborated with luxury fashion brands and streetwear labels on a collection of pet wear.

Specially designed for dogs, the apparel and accessories were developed for SSENSE by brands including Burberry, Ashley Williams, Marine Serre and Paul Smith. Aimed at young, affluent pet owners hoping to extend their style identity to their furry friends, with several designers creating matching pieces, such as dog collars, in the same fabric as their accessories collections. ‘Increasingly, Millennials are spending more on their pets, especially dogs. There is a growing interest to reflect their individual style and their dog’s personality through clothing,’ says Brigitte Chartrand, senior director of womenswear buying at SSENSE.

With almost 80% of SSENSE buyers aged between 18 and 34, the brand has responded to the desire among this audience to splurge on accessories both for themselves and their animal companions. For more on the brand opportunity, read our High-end Pets Market.

4. Remrise develops the sleep supplement market

US – The direct-to-consumer brand is combatting insomnia with a subscription service to natural supplements.

Remrise combines Eastern and Western traditions with technology, customising the £41.80 ($55, €49.60) monthly subscriptions to each consumer. To target behavioural, age-related or constitutional issues – including exercise frequency and coffee consumption – the brand requests that customers complete a lifestyle quiz to create personalised recommendations.

The brand offers an ongoing service to ensure its supplements remain effective, including a sleep tracker and host of meditation and sleep tips available via the Remrise app. To evolve with the sleep quality of its users, Remrise varies its supplement ingredients to help customers avoid building up tolerance.

As savvy consumers begin challenging supplements brands to provide science-backed product information, a new wave of innovation is sweeping through the industry, targeting everything from insomnia to eye health.

Apothem, UK

5. Apothem marries CBD and botanical wellness

UK – CBD and botanicals are being brought together in the brand’s new range of body and skincare.

Apothem is focused on the tenets of purity and strength, combining ancient plants with the growth in CBD-based beauty products. To ensure it upholds sourcing standards, Apothem harvests from the first EU-registered crop of hemp in southern Spain, void of pesticides and heavy metals. Vegan, organically cultivated and cruelty-free, each of its products – which range from skin oils to bath salts – contain up to 8,000mg of CBD isolate, alongside ingredients such as arnica, white willow and echinacea. Together, the components are said to reduce swelling, relieve pain and stimulate the body’s immune system.

Amelia Baerlein, the brand’s co-founder and CEO, considers the products to be an additional part of consumers’ everyday wellbeing routine, stating: ‘We’re creating a new kind of wellness, one that’s accessible, flexible and practical.’ As people continue to seek holistic wellbeing practices, they’re looking for active ingredients that provide multi-functional benefits. For more, read our Total Beauty Market.


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