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This week: extraterrestrial furniture design, Cosmo magazine branches into wine, Burberry supports UK youth centres, flat-bottled wine and content-first circular fashion

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13 November 2020

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Tabu, US


Arctic Monkeys Artefacts 4020 by Anthony Authié and Supertoys Supertoys, Europe

1. Furniture fit for a post-anthropocentric world

Europe – Parisian architect Anthony Authié and design studio Supertoys Supertoys are joining forces to imagine what furniture will look like in a post-anthropocentric world.

The project's conceptual world is depicted as a snowy archaeological site in an extraterrestrial society – somewhere on an uninhabitable Earth in the year 4020. The furniture series, dubbed Arctic Monkeys Artefacts 4020, features organic yet familiar forms that can be seen as artefacts of this future time – an era of 'post-modern animism,' where all objects become subjects.

Although Authié’s and Supertoys Supertoys’ fictional world is uninhabitable for humans, it also leaves hopeful cues for the legacy of man-made design. While the collection takes inspiration from sci-fi films and mechanical shapes, their soft curves are reminiscent of human-centric design.

With society now grappling with uncertainty and the vast potential for change, product designers are pushing consumers to reflect on how we inhabit our current world. In the Living Machine design direction, we explore the visual landscape of our possible futures.

Uncorked by Hearst Magazine and Guarachi Wine Partners, US

2. Cosmopolitan magazine uncorks the wine category

US – Cosmopolitan magazine is branching into the wine category with the launch of Uncorked.

The range of four wines are the fruit of a joint partnership between its publisher Hearst and Guarachi Wine Partners. Recognising that the magazine's readership represents an adventurous and profitable consumer base, the decision to diversify into wine aligns with Cosmopolitan's audience values. To mark the launch, it's hosting virtual wine tastings to help educate and entertain readers.

‘This is the most natural collaboration we could imagine – Cosmo readers have had 36m glasses of wine in the last seven days,' explains Jessica Pels, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan. 'Young women represent a massive wine consumer base, and yet they’re underserved by the current market, which doesn’t target young women at all.'

With media firms having to rethink their content strategies, some are teaming up with food and drinks brands to launch Media Kitchens that combine at-home dining with entertainment.

Burberry in collaboration with Marcus Rashford, UK

3. Burberry wants to empower UK youth futures

UK – The British luxury brand is partnering with footballer Marcus Rashford for a new campaign supporting the creative and business futures of British youth.

The Voices of Tomorrow campaign sees Burberry joining forces with youth organisations in the UK cities of London and Manchester, providing 'protection, encouragement and empowering them to shape our tomorrow'. The brand’s outreach will support young people’s education as well as providing creative and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Having garnered attention for calling on the government to extend the provision free school meals for children in the UK, Rashford has been selected by Burberry to front the campaign, representing a progressive and resilient voice to inspire youth futures. 'Burberry shared my vision in bettering local communities through investment into youth centres, which play a pivotal role in the childhood of many, especially in under-privileged areas,' says Rashford. 'We are all products of our community and youth centres offer children in those local communities stability and consistency to succeed at anything they put their minds to.'

With governments failing to support societal needs, Burberry is taking the role of a Civic Brand, stepping in as an educator and enable.

4. This flat wine bottle reduces CO2 emissions

UK & Australia – Wine brand Banrock Station is working with start-up manufacturer Garçon Wines to release 'flat' bottles of wine made from 100% recycled plastic.

Hoping to catch the attention of younger, eco-conscious consumers, the brand's merlot and chardonnay will be available in the flat format, which is manufactured using a PET polymer to allow the brand to boast sustainability benefits such as carbon neutrality. The new containers are lighter and smaller than the average glass wine bottle, meaning that carbon dioxide output is reduced during transportation.

'We pride ourselves on our environmental ethos and our aim is to galvanise consumers to do good for themselves and our planet,’ explains Lindsay Holas, brand manager at Accolade Wines, parent company of Banrock Station. Holas notes that the switch to the recycled flat bottles will attract a younger demographic ‘who on the whole are more aware and concerned for the future of the planet.’

Similar to this, in Eco To Go we explore eco-conscious packaging innovations within the food delivery sector.

Garçon Wines Eco-flat Wine Bottle
Display Copy, New York

5. Display Copy unites content with luxury resale

New York – Integrated platform Display Copy describes itself as the first content and re-commerce platform devoted to vintage and upcycled fashion.

It hopes to elevate circular fashion through the use of editorial content showcasing high-end apparel, including archival items from Louis Vuitton, Dior and Chanel, and interviews with sustainability experts. Looking to be price-inclusive, Display Copy also highlights thrift clothing with a spread dedicated to top Depop sellers. Items featured on the platform and in its features are shoppable.

By showcasing second-hand luxury fashion in this way, Display Copy aims to encourage readers to ‘cherish the items they invite into their lives’ and shift to long-term eco-conscious behaviour. ‘Display Copy isn’t about promoting new products, it’s about loving what we already have and seeking out novelty and style in what already exists,’ explains Brynn Heminway, the platform’s founder and editor-in-chief.

In our Fashion Recommerce market, we explore further approaches to reselling luxury goods.


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