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This week: Zero-waste beauty, theatre’s Covid-proof future, a dance campaign for lockdown fitness, anti-influencer travelling and Aura’s personalised hair dye

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12 February 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Food Porn by 10 Days agency for Peach


Ace of Air, New York

1. Ace of Air’s eco-packaging taps into circular beauty

New York – Ace of Air is a new beauty and wellness brand offering an entirely circular model to tackle the industry’s waste issues.

The brand, which offers skincare and supplements that work in synergy, is the first of its kind to operate in a fully circular and zero-waste capacity. Its Buy the Product & Borrow the Package model allows Ace of Air to take full responsibility for its packaging and enable consumers to be more conscious with their beauty purchases. After a customer has finished with their product, they can order a new one and send back the empty packaging in the same box for Ace of Air to then sanitise, refill and reuse.

‘We did this, not because we thought the world needs another beauty and wellness brand. It doesn't. We did this because our planet needs a beauty and wellness brand that fundamentally changes what and how we consume,' explains Stephanie Stahl, CEO and co-founder of Ace of Air.

With the beauty sector becoming more conscious of its environmental impact, brands are offering Refined Refillables that are both luxurious and eco-friendly.

The Vertical Theatre by Stufish, London

2. An outdoor theatre for socially-distanced shows

London – The Vertical Theatre is a freestanding structure for cultural events, designed to accommodate social distancing.

Created by entertainment architecture and design company Stufish, the moveable theatre includes a roof and optional side panelling to protect audiences from the elements, while allowing for optimum ventilation and airflow. Balconies installed throughout the structure allow audiences to sit in groups of between four and 12 people or in designated social bubbles. Its modular design allows all visitors – up to 2,400 – to benefit from an up-close view of performances.

While The Vertical Theatre fits with some countries' social distancing requirements, Stufish notes that the venue’s adaptability will ensure it remains useful even after Covid-19 restrictions have eased. ‘We are very excited to be able to bring this innovative new venue offering to the live entertainment world at this pivotal moment for the future of the arts,' says Ric Lipson, co-founder of Stufish.

By using intelligent architectural design, this project is allowing consumers to reconnect with public leisure activities in a safe and considered way. For more, explore our Positive Barriers design direction.

Dance 10,000 for Generation Pep by Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden

3. A music video that inspires children to stay active

Sweden – Non-profit Generation Pep has launched a music video campaign that seeks to increase Generation Alpha’s activity levels while in lockdown.

Created by agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the Dance 10,000 video follows a young girl dancing through her day and reaching 10,000 steps – the standard aim for a full day's physical activity. To inspire physical activity among kids, Generation Pep have released a dance tutorial based of the video’s choreography, asking children to share their moves on social media. The accompanying music is an updated version of the song DANCE, by French EDM duo Justice, which was specially made for the campaign.

‘We know that children and young people in many countries don’t get enough exercise, a trend that unfortunately seems to have worsened during the pandemic,’ says Carolina Klüft, operations manager at Generation Pep. With this campaign, the non-profit hopes that this will inspire creative ways for children to remain active during the pandemic.

As consumers explore ways to keep children active during the pandemic, the trend for Tweenage Fitness is evolving.

4. New Zealand wants to end influencer tourism

New Zealand – For its latest campaign, Tourism NZ is encouraging visitors to avoid social media-influenced travels.

Comedian Thomas Sainsbury stars in a series of comedic spots released by the travel board, playing the role of a lone ranger in the country's fictional Social Observation Squad – or SOS. The clips parody the format of public service announcements, with Sainsbury urging visitors to stop taking clichéd photographs while in New Zealand. It highlights tropes such as beach shots featuring 'hot dog legs’ and hikers at Roy’s Peak debuting the ‘summit spreadeagle.'

‘We noticed that the same pictures or poses kept coming up [on social media], time and time again, no matter the location,’ shares Bjoern Spreitzer, domestic manager at Tourism NZ. He hopes the campaign will inspire domestic visitors to embark on new experiences outside of taking stylised pictures for Instagram. ‘There are so many incredible things to do in New Zealand, beyond the social trends,’ he continues.

As social media homogenises travel experiences, there is an emerging shift towards travellers participating in slow tourism.

Tourism NZ, New Zealand
AURA by eSalon, California

5. Aura is personalising pigmented haircare

California – Aura is offering a personalised and adaptable hair colour range to inspire people to keep experimenting with their hair.

Its new range of shampoos, conditioners and masques include the option to add a semi-permanent pigment in tones of pink, lavender or teal, or customers can opt for classic shades to enhance or refresh their natural colour. Aura also gives the option to add neutraliser components to help offset unwanted tones.

As well as choosing their preferred colour, customers can also select from five different aromas, with the ability to adjust the scent strength or go fragrance-free altogether. In this way, Aura can flex to customers' changing haircare needs and preferences, allowing them to easily alter the intensity of pigments and aromas. Graham Jones, CEO of parent company eSalon, explains: ‘[Our] biggest strength is our understanding of the client feedback loop over time.’

Hair colour innovators are making products and processes more malleable, with Aura showing how a one-product-for-all mentality is no longer necessary. For more, explore Colour Refresh.


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