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12 January 2018

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Smart Nutrition Bottle by LifeFuels, Las Vegas


This week: OKCupid provokes changeGucci Gardens blooms into being, plus CES coverage of L'Oréal's UV sensor, Toyota taps into micro retail, LifeFuel launches functional water pods. 

Dating Deserves Better by Wieden + Kennedy for OKCupid, US

1. OKCupid shakes up online dating with new ad campaign

US – OKCupid offers more gravitas to the frivolous online dating scene, with a new campaign that plays on the acronym Down To Fuck (DTF). Masterminded by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, Dating Deserves Better offers an array of playful alternatives to the widely used hook-up request, by replacing the F word with more creative, and often provocatively politicised, alternatives like Down To Filter Out the Far Right and Down To Fight About the President.

The agency enlisted creative duo Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, the creators of Toilet Paper magazine, to work on the campaign, which pairs the slogans with brightly coloured photographs, often of young couples. In a Backlash Brands approach, OKCupid offers a candid assessment of the current state of dating and the world at large.

2. CES 2018: L’Oréal launches a wearable UV sensor

Las Vegas – Two years after L’Oréal launched My UV Patch at CES, the beauty brand’s Technology Incubator has now developed a battery-free wearable sensor that monitors an individual’s UV exposure.

At less than 2mm thick and only 9mm wide, the UV Sense is designed to be worn on the thumbnail and can store three months of data. Using NFC technology, the data is transmitted to an accompanying smartphone app, which tracks UV exposure, measures specific activities and makes recommendations on when to take shade or apply sun protection.

The sensor was designed in partnership with Yves Béhar’s Fuseproject studio, which worked to create a wearable that wasn’t a distraction but integrated into the body. ‘We didn’t want you to think of it as a product, but rather as an ornament,’ says Béhar. ‘We want it to be something that you want to wear, that you don’t have to think about charging or where it is – it accompanies you throughout your day.’

For more on UV Sense and the future of connected beauty, look out for our forthcoming full interview with Yves Béhar and Guive Balooch, global vice-president of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator. Stay in the know with more on-the-ground reporting from CES in the News section.

UV Sense by L’Oréal, Las Vegas
Gucci Garden by Alessandro Michele, Florence

3. Gucci Garden the go to luxury destination at Pitti Uomo

Florence – The luxury fashion house has reopened Gucci Museo in Florence’s Palazzo della Mercanzia as its latest reincarnation Gucci Garden. Designed by creative director Alessandro Michele, the space is an eclectic mix of past and present, juxtaposing oil paintings with commissions by contemporary artists like Coco Capitán.

As the name suggests, the Museo acted more as an ode to the brand's achievements, while the Garden is a generative exploration of creativity and imagination. ‘We decided to make the space a laboratory where you have all the elements with which to creatively experiment,’ says Maria Luisa Frisa, who assisted in curating the gallery space.

On the ground floor, visitors can purchase one of a kind products in the retail space designed to resemble a bazaar, while the Osteria headed up by chef Massimo Bottura provides visitors with an intimate restaurant setting. In line with Destination Retail, brands are creating retail spaces in which consumers can luxuriate.

e-Palette concept by Toyota, Las Vegas

4. CES 2018: Toyota launches new mobile retail and logistics concept

Las Vegas – Called the e-Palette, Toyota’s new mobile platform sees the Japanese brand – the world’s second biggest carmaker – placing ‘Automated Mobility as a Service’ applications at the core of its future business. The vehicle is essentially an automatous moving container that can be outfitted to carry not only goods and people, but also retail, workplace and hospitality facilities.

During the demonstration, Toyota aired animations that showed multiple e-Palette vehicles forming spontaneous urban marketplaces, whilst President Akio Toyoda also suggested that they could prove popular at temporary events such as music festivals. Indeed, the brand plans to debut the e-Palette system at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Toyota also announced the formation of the e-Palette Alliance, a group of partnerships with brands such as Amazon, DiDi, Mazda, Pizza Hut and Uber, who will collaborate on developing a range of application concepts for the platform.

Smart Nutrition Bottle by LifeFuels, Las Vegas

5. CES 2018: LifeFuels shows off its smart water bottle

Las Vegas – The bottle has a dispenser base which can contain up to three different concentrated flavour capsules, known as FuelPods, that can be injected into the water vessel at the press of a button.

Launching this summer, LifeFuels will offer seven FuelPods, which promise different functional benefits. For instance, there is the Hydrate Plus pod with electrolytes for post-workout rehydration or the Sleep Well pod which contains chamomile, white tea and melatonin.

The smart element of the bottle comes with the accompanying app that connects with fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch or Fitbit in order to make recommendations on what to drink and when. ‘We are targeting the part of the population that take a lot of care in deciding what it is they consume and who track their input versus their output,’ says co-founder Jonathon Perelli. He believes LifeFuels will have a similar adoption model to Nespresso machines. ‘Once you make the commitment and you enjoy the taste and enjoy the feedback and its learnings, you will want to stay in the eco-system.’

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