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This week: Nordstrom’s humanist luxury ad, how to gamify money-saving, dry shampoo for men, Grammarly's recreational office and teens go behind-the-camera at LSA.

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8 March 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Year & Day, US


An Open Mind Is the Best Look, Nordstrom by Droga5

1. Nordstrom focuses on luxury individualism

US – The luxury retailer’s latest campaign views the sector under a more human lens, highlighting the importance of being yourself.

The ad, entitled An Open Mind is the Best Look, is made up of slice-of-life scenes featuring a unique collection of individuals. The cast is primarily includes non-professional actors, including a sign-language interpreter, a teen karate expert and swimming teacher assisting an elderly man.

Created by Droga5, the campaign aims to reverse the haughty elitism associated with luxury brands and retailers by featuring a diverse range of citizens. ‘[It] pushes the boundaries that have been the norm in the fashion retail category for decades by moving the focus from clothing and product to a more story- and humanity-led approach,’ reads Nordstrom’s press release.

Luxury brands can no longer rely on narratives of excessive wealth, as consumers increasingly associate their consumption habits with guilt. For more, read our macrotrend Uneasy Affluence.

Nestlings by Thought Machine, UK

2. Nestlings is a game to help you save money

UK – The app has been created by FinTech company Thought Machine as a way to gamify saving and reduce anxiety around money.

Nestlings, which will be released later in 2019, will connect with the user’s bank account and pull small amounts of money in reaction to game play. To save money, users select from a series of animated characters, which each perform different money-saving tasks, such as putting away 50p in celebration of reaching Friday or 75p when the user spends money after midnight.

Rather than helping consumers save large amounts of money quickly, Nestlings is focused on smaller regular payments that will slowly build a savings pot. Rewarding consumers in a similar way to a video game or virtual pet, the app features savings milestones that improve the wellbeing of the animated creatures.

Although Nestlings markets itself as suitable for all ages of users, the concept of gamifying finance is typically considered a way to engage the younger generation. For more, read our Money Market: Generation Z.

A Breath of Fresh Hair, Old Spice

3. Old Spice launches a dry shampoo for men

US – Male grooming brand Old Spice is diversifying into a traditionally female-dominated product category with the introduction of its first dry shampoo for men.

Available in two of the brand’s most popular scents, Pure Sport and Fiji, the launch is accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek campaign, entitled A Breath of Fresh Air. Offering a playful, eighties-style take on male grooming, the spot encourages men to refresh their hair in between washes tapping into a wider movement within the industry around reducing consumers’ water consumption.

With its low price point and an aesthetic that stays true to the traditional Old Spice branding, the product caters to the growing Men’s Beauty Market in a way that is still very accessible to the everyday man.

4. Grammarly's new office encourages employees to rest and play

Ukraine – The writing assistant company’s new Kiev office features versatile recreational spaces for employees, including nap pods, a library and a soundproof music room.

Designed by Ukrainian architects Balbek Bureau, Grammarly’s Kiev office joins the company’s bases in San Francisco and New York. It diverges from the typically corporate nature of other local workspaces by allowing staff to take time out to relax and re-energise alongside their working hours.

Although the space includes nap pods, a concept previously implemented by Silicon Valley offices, it also offers a library and soundproof music room, which can be used to watch films or play musical instruments. ‘We use the space to rehearse for events and celebrations, to take creative breaks during the day, and as a place to appreciate and play music with our colleagues,’ a representative from Grammarly tells LS:N Global.

Workplaces are finding new ways to celebrate their employees beyond their day-to-day roles, and encouraging musical play is another innovative way for brands to do this.

Grammarly office designed by Balbek Bureau, Kiev
What you do can make a career, London Screen Academy, film by Stink Studios

5. London Screen Academy is a school for digitally-native teens

London – Stink Studios has created a campaign to launch the sixth form school, which aims to help young people get into the film and tv industries.

The ad highlights the varied curriculum the London Screen Academy will offer, including cinematography, hair and make-up, editing and sound design. The film ends by telling potential students that the unique skills they’ve garnered as digital natives could drive their career. Based in Islington, the free school will open in September 2019 with room for up to 1,000 16–19-year-olds. The goal is to give young people from diverse backgrounds access to the screen industries – a sector facing skills shortages.

‘Our ambition is to show our audience that the things they are already doing can forge a path into the film and television industries; to flip the perception that youngsters are on their phones too much, when they might be London's next great screenwriter or director,’ says Jon Lawton, creative director at Stink Studios.

While they might be glued to their phones, today’s teenagers will become tomorrow's creatives. Read our interview with Ramaa Mosley to discover why brands should consider hiring a teenage director for their campaigns.

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