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This week: Activist eating, Pokémon GO’s in-game luxe, Sotheby’s luxury marketplace, digital workout parties and pet-centric homeware

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8 January 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: CASA Ferõz by Ferõz in collaboration with NOJU, Columbia


Eat Offbeat identity by Pentagram, UK

1. Eat Offbeat rebrands for truly global eating

UK – Social impact food company Eat Offbeat is celebrating global cuisine through its visual identity, designed by Pentagram.

The new identity seeks to pay tribute to the food cultures of Eat Offbeat’s former refugee chefs, as well as communicating its namesake reference to eating ‘off the beaten path’. Working with Eat Offbeat to achieve a more aspirational narrative to its humanitarian approach to food, Pentagram captures the concept of ‘global homecooking’ through dynamic graphic design.

Its logo, for example, captures the concept of migration, shifting and moving before settling into staggered formations. A vibrant colour palette takes inspiration from Eat Offbeat’s variety of cultures, with playful illustrations and simple flag designs used to signify the origins of foods. Meal boxes can also be customised with illustrated stickers, mimicking stamps and labels collected through travelling.

Dynamic branding in the food and drink sectors is a powerful tool for both activism and elevation of traditional cuisines – like those reclaimed by Omsom.

Gucci x The North Face in collaboration with Pokémon GO, global

2. Pokémon GO and Gucci elevate in-game fashion

Global – Augmented Reality mobile game Pokémon GO is grabbing the attention of luxury adventurers, as it partners with Gucci and outdoor apparel brand The North Face.

Building on the The North Face x Gucci collection, the gaming launch transforms T-shirts, hats and backpacks from the collection into limited-edition digital designs for Pokémon GO players' avatars. Gamers can snap up the virtual wears at over 100 PokéStops around the world – conveniently located at global Gucci stores and pop-up shops. Once purchased, players can wear items from the collection within Pokémon GO, as well as investing in a physical version to be worn in the real world.

The interactive, outdoor element involved in the campaign also reflects values of adventure and discovery that are central to both the The North Face x Gucci collaboration and the mobile game. In this way, all three brands are tapping into the market for In-game Fashion, alongside a continued interest in luxurians engaging with The Elevated Outdoors.

Buy Now by Sotheby’s, global

3. Sotheby’s digital marketplace taps into next-gen luxurians

Global – Auction house Sotheby’s is moving into the e-commerce space by allowing consumers instant access to luxury items.

Dubbed Sotheby’s ‘Buy Now’ marketplace, the auction house’s digital space presents fine jewels, contemporary art, collectible sneakers and designer handbags, among other products. The marketplace makes these items available without having to wait for an auction or go through a competitive bidding process. Through this diversified product range, the auction house seeks to connect with new and younger audiences.

‘What sets the Buy Now marketplace apart is our unparalleled expertise provided by our global network of specialists, the trust and confidence that comes with purchasing from Sotheby’s and a highly curated assortment of items spanning a range of luxury and collecting categories,’ said Josh Pullan, managing director of the global luxury division at Sotheby’s Geneva.

By providing an ‘always open’ outlet, Sotheby’s is reworking its existing offering to tap into the needs of modern consumers and join a wave of next-generation auction houses.

4. Obé inspires at-home fitness with workout parties

US – Digital fitness platform Obé is recreating the social element of group workouts through its online Workout Parties.

The concept aims to replicate the sense of community often apparent in physical fitness studios. Allowing up to seven friends to connect pre and post-workout, Obé hopes to boost engagement and differentiate the platform from its many global and local competitors. The Workout Parties also follow on from the platform’s Obé Friending feature which lets members more easily connect with one another and share fitness tips within the Obé ecosystem.

‘By ‘eventising’ what we do, it makes our classes more of a celebration,’ explains Mark Mullett, co-founder and co-CEO. ‘It’s fun for our clients, but it is also a drive to our live classes.’ Already, the platform has reported uptake of its Friending feature, with users connecting over cocktails in post-workout meetings as they continue to embrace At-home Fitness.

Workout Parties by Obé, US
CASA Ferõz by Ferõz in collaboration with NOJU, Columbia

5. Casa Ferõz’s stylish home storage for pet owners

Colombia – Luxury pet accessories brand Ferõz unveils CASA Ferõz, a homeware collection that brings sophisticated design to pet ownership.

Working with Spanish design studio NOJU, the trio of wall-mounted units are designed specifically to house items such as dog toys, leashes and balls. To match their minimalist design, the units are available in contemporary hues of merlot, olive green and dusty rose. The storage containers are manufactured by Colombian artisans using locally-sourced Colombian wood, tying to Ferõz’s commitment to support the nation's people and planet.

Born from a need for more tasteful dog accessories, the collection affirms pets' elevating position within the home. ‘Rather than continuing to make pet products that have no connection with our home, this collection contains thoughtful products that explore the coexistence between humans and animals from the perspective of interior design,’ share Anotoio Mora and Eduardo Tazan, founders of NOJU.

Similar to this, our High-end Pets Market explores the ways consumers looking to create lavish lifestyles for their furry friends.


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