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This week: YSL’s anti-aspirational skincare, longevity of preloved fashion, home furnishings with an optimistic outlook, homes for refugees and a music chart for content creators.

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3 September 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Fashion Values, photography by Nadira Amrani


Nu by YSL Beauty

1. YSL champions anti-aspirational skincare

Paris – With its new range of makeup-meet-skincare products, the luxury beauty brand is moving away from the more-is-more approach to beauty that has long dominated the industry. Paradoxically, its new line, NU, is built on a foundation of enhancing, rather than covering up, skin imperfections.

YSL has created the line to highlight people’s ‘skin signature’ – or attributes such as freckles, dark circles and uneven textures. The products include a Bare Look Tint, which offers light facial coverage, and a fine Dewy Mist to hydrate skin. The collection is explicitly aimed at Generation Z, who are known for their celebration of natural beauty flaws. According to Laetitia Raoust, general manager of YSL Beauty, ‘this new generation of products are focused on enhancing, rather than hiding, our consumers’ unique beauty signatures.’

With its less-is-more mindset, YSL is recognising the importance of Enhanced Natural Beauty while also using flaw-positive marketing to reach Anti-aspirational Gen Z beauty buyers.

Old + New = Now by Ganni and Vestiaire

2. Ganni films tout the longevity of preloved fashion

Paris – As fashion resale accelerates globally, there is a growing opportunity to encourage shoppers to mix old and new in order to create unique outfit combinations – something cult Danish fashion brand Ganni is endorsing through a new partnership with premium resale platform Vestiare Collective.

Embracing retailtainment, Ganni and Vestiare are using their respective social media and YouTube platforms to showcase a video series called OLD + NEW = NOW, featuring fashion influencers showing how they integrate pre-loved Ganni items from past seasons into their current wardrobes. In this way, Ganni is seeking to revive and promote older Ganni styles available on the Vestiare platform, while also touting the longevity of the brand’s designs.

For Vestiare, the collaboration marks the first time it has used video as a medium to promote its stock and highlights the power of video as a promising tool for sellers – something we recently explored in our interview with Gen Z-facing resale platform Galaxy. Further, video is allowing resale sites to better showcase the finer details of garments – as well as promote circular fashion behaviours peer-to-peer.

Karismatisk by Zandra Rhodes for Ikea

3. Home furnishings with an optimistic outlook

Sweden and UK – With lockdowns fuelling global interest in home improvements and interior furnishings, Ikea and fashion designer Zandra Rhodes have joined forces to examine how design can bring an optimistic outlook into the home.

Using colour, patterns and textiles, the partnership is exploring how objects and furnishings can celebrate people’s personalities and local cultures, as well as the psychological effects of interiors on people and spaces. The result is the aptly titled Karismatisk collection for Ikea, which will launch in September 2021 with 26 pieces including rugs, vases and cushions. Crucially, the collection also meets Ikea’s Five Dimensions of Democratic Design: form, function, quality, sustainability at an affordable price.

While a raft of high-low homeware collections have emerged this past year, including H&M and Diane von Furstenberg, Karismatisk displays an awareness not only of how interiors affect our moods, but the rise of unsustainable 'fast' homeware. In turn, Zandra Rhodes and Ikea are ensuring recycled materials are used in the collection where possible, while also seeking to keep prices accessible.

4. Airbnb opens its homes to Afghan refugees

Global – The home-sharing platform has committed to providing 20,000 Afghan refugees with free temporary housing in the wake of the Taliban’s takeover of the country. With thousands of people from Afghanistan currently displaced, Airbnb is using its assets for social good by turning its global network of housing into safe spaces.

Airbnb is allowing its community of hosts to open their homes up to refugees for free, paying the hosts for the cost of the stays. The initiative is made possible through the brand’s independent non-profit Airbnb.org, which invites donors to make contributions to its new Refugee Fund. Airbnb has a history of providing temporary accommodation relief at times of need, and its network of homes makes it well-equipped ‘to respond to one of the most significant humanitarian crises of our time,’ explains co-founder Joe Gebbia.

By responding urgently, Airbnb has demonstrated how Civic Brands in the travel and hospitality sector can repurpose their spaces at a time when displacement is rife.

Gucci Gang by Lil Pump

5. This alternative music chart ranks content creators

US – Music magazine Billboard is partnering with technology brand Logitech to introduce a ranking system for digital creators who are driving music consumption. The Song Breaker Chart will rank digital creators on a monthly basis, giving recognition to the songs that break into Billboard Charts because of popular memes and dance challenges.

By doing this, the two brands are responding to the changing landscape of music at a time when Generation Z are increasingly seeking democratised music communities. ‘Every day we see new trends exploding in popularity across social platforms and we are beyond thrilled to highlight these breakthrough creators who are redefining stardom in the music industry,’ said Julian Holguin, president of Billboard.

Since 2018, we’ve been tracking the rise of Social Media Music and the ongoing opportunities for artists to create music with people’s digital habits in mind. Now, this strategy is more relevant than ever as platforms like TikTok continue to lead the way in new music discovery.


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