So long, 2020

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Season's Greetings from The Future Laboratory. At the end of every year, we reflect on the state of the world and our mission to make a better future happen

Throughout the turbulence of 2020 we have taken great pride in helping each of our clients plot a path to future prosperity. From our Trend Tracker and suite of online events and strategic projects to our new Trends and Foresight Academy masterclasses and sector reports, The Future Laboratory’s experts have been unstinting in their pursuit of what's new and next in this rollercoaster of a year.

We’ve also learned a lot about ourselves. On 13 March we sent our staff home to protect them and their families from the spread of Covid-19. Nine months later, everyone is still working from home. While we sorely miss the buzz of Elder Street, our company culture has managed to survive and thrive due to our pre-Covid flexible working policies and early adoption of Cloud communication tools.

We have also taken significant steps to making our business a more open and inclusive workplace through our new Diversity & Inclusion strategy and recruitment policy. We even managed to celebrate our 20th anniversary with a virtual party (and even some non-virtual champagne too).

Navigating a once-in-a-century event that is still tragically unravelling can be daunting and traumatic. But at The Future Laboratory we take comfort in the long view, and we encourage you to do so as well.

As hard as it seems now as we spend Christmas Day locked down and isolated from many of our loved ones, we know the pandemic will pass. And when it does, new opportunities will open up. In fact, some already are  –  you just need to know where to look. We can’t wait to help you discover them in 2021.

Until then, have a restful break. We'll see you in the future.  

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23 December 2020

Author: The Future Laboratory




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