Future Forecast 2021: Youth

type - trends
sector - youth
Globally, young people are responding to societal unrest by taking charge of their own futures – reconnecting with their heritage and engaging with alternative routes of education

As young people navigate formative challenges amid the global pandemic and a time of political turmoil, they are acting with agency and playing out activist behaviours through new mediums.

Building on the themes of Paradox Personas, Generation Z are using digital spaces to boost their self-awareness and engage with others in their journey of (un)learning outside of traditional systems.

Beyond digital realms, this generation are connecting with peers and young professionals in entirely new ways. Progressing through uncertain times, Gen Z are making friends, colleagues and memories in remote places, before taking guidance from Alumni Incubators.

In our new Future Forecast 2021 report, we explore five trends from the Youth sector:

1. Scattered Schools

2. Young Nativists

3. Alumni Incubators

4. Edu-play-tion

5. Activism Gaming

Alongside a Viewpoint with Wilson Oryema, co-founder of Regenerative Futures, who believes young people have fashioned the digital world and that it’s time they revive offline systems too.

Download the full report now and discover the future of Youth.

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23 December 2020

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Rave Digital by Ravensbourne Fashion and Gaming Class of 2020, UK



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