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17 July 2020

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Mas Creations


This week: Hygiene-first cutlery, out-of-this-world fragrance, Burberry’s luxe gaming, premium paper whisky bottles and stickers that encourage product reuse.

The Pebble by Otherware with Pentatonic and Pharrel Williams, global

1. Pebble creates cutlery for pandemic dining

Berlin & London – Circular economy company Pentatonic is collaborating with singer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams on a portable dining set for hygienic, on-the-go eating.

The product, known as The Pebble by Otherware, is the first item from the partnership. It comprises an outer case and holds a re-usable set of cutlery, a straw and chopsticks, in a bid to reduce people's use of single-use plastics. It can also be clipped onto a bag for portability. Tapping into Pentatonic's circularity ambitions, the plastic case and implements are made with recycled CDs.

While the design was originally created as a sustainable option for festivals and commuting, hygiene concerns emerging the pandemic have made the product especially relevant. ‘A dining set that stays with you wherever you go offers the peace of mind, avoiding communal sources of cutlery when eating and drinking anywhere that's not home,' reads a statement from Pentatonic.

As some people remain tentative about dining out or even at others' homes, cutlery for personal use could become more appealing. In our new Sustainability series, we explore other innovations for eco-conscious living.

Eau de Space by Omega Ingredients and Kickstarter, global

2. NASA’s perfume aims to inspire STEM studies

US & UK – American space agency NASA has created an out-of-this-world fragrance – Eau de Space – to inspire young people to study science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) subjects.

The scent is being promoted and sold via a public-facing Kickstarter campaign, with pledgers able to purchase a £12 ($15, €13) bottle for themselves, and a second bottle for donation to K-12 STEM programs around the world, to support experiential education. The fragrance also aims to encourage discussion and awareness between the public, parents, teachers and scientists about the importance of STEM education.

NASA originally worked with Steve Pearce, chemist and founder of Omega Ingredients to develop the fragrance, which has to-date been used to help astronauts to acclimatise themselves to outer space environments before launching into orbit. Eau de Space is based on interpretations from astronauts who've visited space previously, many of whom describe space as smelling smoky, fruity or rum-like.

Imaginative and boundary-pushing fragrance formulations are on the rise, but the educational slant represents a new direction for perfumers and fragrance brands. For more on new directions in scent, explore our micro trend New Fragrance Frontiers.

B Surf by Burberry, global

3. B Surf is Burberry’s latest gaming experiment

Global – Burberry has unveiled a video game, B Surf, to promote the launch of its monogram summer collection.

The game lets players dress up their characters in the brand’s outfits before challenging friends to a surfboarding race around a track. Burberry’s in-house development team created B Surf as the brand’s first multiplayer game. Available on the brand’s website, Farfetch and in WeChat, the game is available for all Burberry fans to engage with.

Players even have the opportunity to win real-life prizes through the game, including a limited-edition monogrammed surfboard and Burberry bucket hats. Within the game, users can win digital prizes such as face filters and AR-themed characters.

The worlds of fashion and gaming continue to collide, with brands and retailers seizing the opportunity to use games as an alternative storefront for physical goods.

4. Diageo debuts a paper-based whisky bottle

Global – Drinks group Diageo has given its Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky a makeover – bottling it in paper-based, sustainably-sourced packaging.

The fully recyclable and plastic-free bottle is the first of its kind for the mainstream whisky market, and is intended to form a blueprint for other branded alcohol and beverage bottles.

The innovation comes as part of a larger initiative between Diageo and FMCG groups Unilever and PepsiCo to launch Pulpex Limited, a sustainable packaging technology company.

Ewan Andrew, chief sustainability officer at Diageo says of the launch: ‘We’re proud to have created this world first. We are constantly striving to push the boundaries within sustainable packaging and this bottle has the potential to be truly ground-breaking. It feels fitting that we should launch it with Johnnie Walker, a brand that has often led the way in innovation throughout its 200 years existence.’

While brands including Evian and Carlsberg have previously experimented with recyclable and paper bottles, Diageo’s innovation pushes paper packaging into the luxury spirits market. In Bio Bottles, we explore other plastic alternatives catering to increasingly eco-conscious consumers.

Diageo in partnership with Unilever and PepsiCo, global
OceanSaver identity by SomeOne, UK

5. Brand-jacking stickers for household cleaners

London – Plant-based cleaning brand OceanSaver is adding stickers to its boxes of product for users to place over the bottles of other cleaning brands.

Part of a recent re-brand by design agency SomeOne, the playful addition of the stickers encourages people to reuse bottles of cleaning products and sprays with a clear conscience. The stickers intentionally reflect the small size of OceanSaver's products – concentrated, water-soluble cleaning pods that are added to water – allowing for a small area of competitor branding to remain visible, while reminding users of their positive, eco-conscious choice.

‘The sector is flooded with bland promises and greenwashing and we wanted to swim against that,’ says David Law, founder of SomeOne. ‘Rather than go down a sector generic ‘eco’ design pathway... we chose to be bold, graphic and positive right from the start in order to stand out from your average worthy startup.'

A rise in eco-friendly, waterless brands is encouraging consumers to be more mindful when choosing home cleaning products, with environmental credentials becoming a priority.


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