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This week: Carlings will digitally dress you, a new lease of life for hotels linens, WTHN is a salon dedicated to acupuncture, sex products enter the bathroom and genderless kidswear by Celine Dion.

adDRESS The Future in collaboration with PERL.WWW, Carlings

1. An entirely digital collection for humans and avatars

Norway – Retailer Carlings has partnered with digital influencer Perl.www to create a fashion collection that expresses creativity without harming the environment.

To create the Neo-Ex collection, which only exists digitally, Carlings worked with digital tailors and Perl.www, a CGI model who found fame on Instagram. Shoppers can browse the brand’s 19-piece collection online and have a piece of their choice digitally fitted to a photo of themselves by a group of 3D designers for up to $20 (£15.50, €17.50), allowing them to share the piece on social media. Carlings is also using Neo-EX to raise awareness of water consumption in real-life fashion manufacturing, with proceeds from the collection's sales being donated to WaterAid.

The digital collection exists as a reaction to the detrimental impact of fast fashion on the environment, which is being exacerbated by Instagram’s fleeting influencer culture. With many consumers already buying fashion simply to share across their digital platforms, Carlings believes that the future of personal expression will be achieved by buying Immaterial Fashion.


Recently Retired by Everybody.World x Ace Hotel

2. Ace Hotel turns its hotel linens into travel essentials

Los Angeles – Sustainable lifestyle and apparel brand Everybody.World is giving Ace Hotel’s discarded sheets another lifetime of use.

Launched by Atelier Ace, the team behind the urban hospitality brand, the Recently Retired collection of travel essentials includes weekend duffle bags, slippers, sleep masks and zip pouches. To create the products, the hotel provided Everybody.World with cotton linens that are usually discarded after a period of use, with the brand repurposing the fabric through dyeing and quilting processes to create new, 100% biodegradable products.

The collection, which is priced for the premium market, is the latest project in an ongoing partnership between the two brands, who share similar eco-conscious values. Previous releases include a line of upcycled towels.

Hotel brands are acknowledging and adapting the historically unsustainable practices of their industry, from the number of discarded bed linens to the amount of waste plastic produced by miniature shampoos.

WTHN, New York

3. Acupuncture rebranded for millennials

New York – Wellness startup WTHN offers acupuncture as a convenient and affordable service in a salon setting.

As alternative medicines become increasingly mainstream, WTHN is demystifying this ancient Chinese practice for a Millennial audience. The salon’s treatment menu uses accessible language to help consumers understand acupuncture’s potential benefits for anxiety, pain relief and skincare. Face Time, for example, promises to reduce wrinkles, calm inflammation and boost collagen.

‘We have a national vision and a very clear target about creating acupuncture for the next generation of wellness consumers,’ says co-founder Michelle Larivee. ‘This is really the next natural frontier of wellness and recovery.’

WTHN’s frictionless online booking, check-in system and membership model also encourage customers to come in for regular treatments, much like they would for a spa or facial. A monthly membership, which entails one treatment a month, costs $75 (£58, €65) while one-off treatments are $85 (£66, €64). For more on the evolution of the spa, read our Modern Med Spas microtrend.


4. Necessaire makes beauty products for the neck down

US – The new brand has launched three beauty products to challenge the notion that personal body care is an afterthought.

Nécessaire is the creation of Nick Axelrod, an editorial veteran with a background at Into the Gloss, and Randi Christiansen, a former strategy executive at Estée Lauder. The brand aims to cut through the confusion of the beauty industry by providing just three products: Body Wash, Body Lotion and Sex Gel. The products are pH-balanced and have been formulated without sulphates, parabens and synthetic fragrances to ensure the body is treated with the same amount of care as the face.

As sexual wellness products move from top drawers in bedrooms to full display in the bathroom, the brand is championing its personal lubricant as a body care item. ‘It’s a redefinition of what belongs in the body category — Nick and I thought that we would combine all these things that humans use on their bodies. Sex is just another thing we do with our bodies,’ Christiansen explains.

We explored this more body-centric approach to skincare last year, in our microtrend Rethinking Bodycare.

Necessaire, US

5. Celinununu's kidswear frees children from gender binaries 

Israel – Celine Dion stars as herself in a tongue-in-cheek campaign to accompany the launch of her new childrenswear brand Celinununu.

Created in collaboration with children’s fashion retailer Nununu, the sister brand is designed to liberate children from the traditional roles of boy and girl. The collection avoids gendered colours and is instead comprised of monochrome and yellow pieces with star and skull prints. While the slouchy aesthetic appears more stereotypically masculine in approach, dresses for both genders are also available.

An accompanying campaign takes a Backlash Brands approach, showing Dion’s ability to make fun of herself. The video follows the singer as she breaks into a hospital and sprinkles glitter on newborn babies, eliminating their gender binaries, including pink and blue clothing and signage, in the process.

The Childrenswear Market has made progress in breaking down gender stereotypes from an early age. However, many of these brands are lacking in overtly feminine styles, which are integral to any gender-neutral argument.


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