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9 February 2018

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Ovation by Futura


This week: Tide wins the Super Bowl ad accolade, Ovation focuses on cosmetic eyecare, AKQA imagines future job roles, Babor focuses on the body, Stella McCartney goes beyond traditional CSR. 


It's a Tide Ad by Saatchi & Saatchi for Superbowl 2018

1. Tide Super Bowl ad sends up advertising in general 

US – As the dust settles on this year's Super Bowl, detergent brand Tide has demonstrated its advertising credentials with a spot widely agreed to have won the coveted title of best half-time ad.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the self-consciously clever spot challenges the tired tropes of advertising, with protagonist David Harbour hijacking other advertisements – from a car ad to a beer ad to a razor ad – that viewers are likely to see during the Super Bowl broadcast.

At the end of each scene Harbour playfully denounces the viewers’ initial assumptions with the assertion ‘Nope, it's a Tide ad’, drawing attention to the over-saturation of bland and formulaic advertising in a way that feels fresh and new.

Ovation by Futura

2. Ovation affords eyecare a lifestyle makeover 

Washington – Oculoplastic surgeon Christopher Burris is launching a new range of eyecare products later this year that combine medical optometry with the cosmetic aspects of good eye health. With branding by Futura, the products include a selection of eye wipes, eye cream and drops as well as a range of glasses.

‘When looking at a face, the eyes are naturally one of the most common places that we focus on for clues about a person’s age, health and demeanor,’ Burris tells LS:N Global. ‘Health, wellness, form, function and beauty all intersect at the eyes.’ It marks a shift in eyecare that is emerging concurrently in oral hygiene, with brands like Clear Coffee and Qii each taking a more lifestyle-orientated approach.

Jobs of the future by AKQA London and Salt and Pepper creative studio for MiSK Global Foundation

3. AKQA imagines the jobs of the future  

London – Design agency AKQA has joined forces with MiSK, a Saudi Arabian non-profit-making organisation aimed at educating tomorrow’s youth, to imagine the job roles that will be available in 2030. The series of conceptual images, designed by artist Florian de Gesincourt, were conceived at the World Economic Forum in response to the panellists’ predictions and comments pertaining to futuristic job roles.

At the forum it was predicted that 65% of children now in school will have jobs that don’t yet exist, prompting the team to imagine what those future roles could be. One example was a blockchain banking engineer whose job would be to expand the infrastructure of blockchain technology, offering universal access to secure banking.

In our forthcoming Morality Recoded macrotrend, we will examine the future of the workplace, looking at the roles that will be created as artificial intelligence becomes more ingrained in the workplace. Book here for our annual Trend Briefing, where this and other long-term macrotrends will be unveiled.

4. Models bare all for Babor skin campaign 

US – Luxury B2B skincare brand Babor has launched an awareness campaign in collaboration with All Woman Project (AWP). The series of images promote the pair's collaborative Beauty Ampoule Set, with half of the profits donated to the non-profit. The models are shown in skin-coloured underwear with minimal make-up to reinforce the message that ‘women do not need to be changed to be beautiful’.

‘Just as in life, women have more or less insecurities when it comes to their bodies. Some of them want to be more covered up, some of them don’t mind being totally bare. But overall, our models have very minimal make-up on,’ Desseaux tells LS:N Global. ‘[We] did not try to hide anything or change their natural beauty.’

In our Rethinking Bodycare microtrend, we examine how beauty brands are now using ad campaigns to celebrate the body in a way that was traditionally reserved for the face.

Babor and All Woman Campaign, US
Stella McCartney's World of Sustainability

5. Stella McCartney makes CSR integral to its brand

UK – The luxury fashion brand, known for its commitment to sustainability, has launched a new site that demonstrates its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) beyond empty promises. Billed World of Sustainability, the platform is ‘entirely dedicated to telling you about our sustainable practices and our journey to operating as a modern and responsible business’.

While CSR is typically consigned to a small section of a brand's website, World of Sustainability offers a comprehensive look at all of the brand's initiatives with a sustainability timeline detailing changes that have already been implemented. For more on why brands need to incorporate CSR as an integral part of their offering, download our Sustainability Futures Report here.

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