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This week: Making cannabis collectable, convivial drinking, Guerlain’s cryptobees, a nootropic drink for next-gen sports and Lizzo reclaims shapewear.

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8 April 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory



Houseplant by Seth Rogen rebranded by MA-MA and Pràctica, US

1. Houseplant’s playful rebrand makes cannabis collectable

US – While many cannabis brands centre on a wellness aesthetic, Houseplant is breaking the mould with a new brand identity inspired by toys and collectibles.

Its updated packaging takes inspiration from toy brand Lego, with stackable and collectable cannabis tin jars. The identity, by design studios Pràctica and Ma-Ma, also combines a punchy typeface with modern visuals.

This playful visual refresh allows Houseplant to stand out in an ever-more saturated market, while its stackable and reusable jars hint at a more sustainable approach to packaging. ‘We wanted to leverage Houseplant’s playful identity and design as something that could be collected and reused over time,’ says Javier Arizu, co-founder at Pràctica. ‘The stackable nature of the jar was conceptualised with this in mind.’

Through this redesign, Houseplant veers away from its vintage-inspired roots, evolving to broaden its appeal. Siimilarly, we’ve been tracking the ways that CBD has embraced luxurious cues to become a more covetable product.

Mercer + Prince by A$AP Rocky, US

2. A spirit bottle designed for sipping with friends

New York – Musician and artist A$AP Rocky is infusing the spirits industry with a more convivial energy through his new whiskey brand Mercer + Prince, using its bottle design to inspire more sociable sipping moments.

Designed to enjoyed with friends, Mercer + Prince is shifting the whiskey market towards younger audiences. Retailing for an accessible £22.89 ($29.99, €27.25) per bottle, the whiskey is sold in a versatile glass bottle that comes with two detachable glasses that can be used to pour and enjoy the drink on the go, at house parties or outdoor events. Adding to its adaptability, the square bottle's label design allows it to be stored or merchandised horizontally or vertically.

According to the brand, its name denotes two New York City streets, Mercer and Prince, where people from all walks of life converge in pursuit of fashion and culture. By merging the two locales, A$AP Rocky wants to evoke the concept of duality between old and new, as well as high and low. Further, with his unique bottle design, A$AP Rocky is bringing the idea of convivial eating and drinking into the spirits industry, giving it a youthful boost in the process.

Reaverse by Guerlain, France

3. Guerlain’s cryptobees unite NFTs and biodiversity

France – Merging its sustainability efforts with a Web3 presence, luxury beauty brand Guerlain is selling 1,828 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of bees to support a re-wilding project in France’s Vallée de la Millière nature reserve.

The brand, which uses royal jelly derived from bees within some of its products, is using its year of inception – 1828 – as the foundation for re-wilding 1,828 pockets of land. It will do this through the sale of NFT Cryptobees – digital artworks whose sale supports the nature reserve, while unlocking NFT ownership and access to the reserve for owners.

Guerlain describes the collection of Cryptobee tokens as a Reaverse – a blend of 'real' and 'metaverse' – venture, uniting digital communities and sustainability through real-life action. Ensuring access for a range of audiences, the Cryptobees are available in four levels of rarity and price. In this way, the company is entering the world of NFTs through an actionable, values-driven approach.

While many fashion and luxury brands are finding their footing in virtual realms, such projects provide an example of how NFTs can become tools for promoting environmental action among consumers.

4. A nootropic drink for next-gen sports

New York – Aiming to expand the sports drink category, Local Weather is a nootropic beverage developed by NFL football player Russel Wilson and Web3 entrepreneur AJ Vaynerchuck.

Available in four flavours, including fruit punch, orange clementine, mango passionfruit, and wild berry, Local Weather is packed with ingredients said to boost mental focus, stamina, and performance. The bright aluminium packaging features illustrations of pastimes that are gaining popularity among younger age groups, such as painting and skateboarding.

As Generation Z adopt new hobbies, they are challenging narrow definitions of sport, prompting conversations around what classifies as exercise. According to Jon Alagem, CEO of Local Weather, only 16% of consumers today consider themselves athletes, with a further 52% of Gen Z consumers saying they prefer non-traditional sports like pickleball, TikTok dancing, and roller-skating.

By including unconventional pastimes in its branding, Local Weather is validating the hobbies that comprise modern lifestyles, while also reframing nootropics for Generation Z.

Local Weather by Russell Wilson and AJ Vaynerchuk in collaboration with H+S Labs, New York
Yitty by Lizzo, US

5. Lizzo reclaims shapewear with body-positive brand

Los Angeles – After years of being pressured to change her body, musician and activist Lizzo is teaming up with Fabletics to release a line of body-positive shapewear that seeks to empower women of all sizes.

The brand, which is called Yitty, uses shapewear to celebrate body diversity instead of as a tool to hide or minimise flaws. To this end, the brand is intended to be worn in the bedroom, at brunch, or even at the club, blurring the boundaries between innerwear with outerwear.

With a broad range of sizes, from XS to 6X, the brand is aiming to make the shapewear category more inclusive. Instead of merely sizing up or down, the dimensions have been fit and developed according to real body types.

By reclaiming shapewear as a way to celebrate body diversity, Lizzo is helping drive the Femininity Rebranded movement forward. ‘Instead of thinking about size in this linear way, we’re thinking about it on a spectrum where everyone is included. Everyone’s size is just their size. It’s not high, it’s not low. It’s not big, it’s not small. It’s just your size,’ explains Lizzo.



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