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The Unicorn Index


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5 March 2019

Author: ePayments, The Future Laboratory

Image: Julian Glander


Is your business ready for the future?

The Future Laboratory and ePayments have created the Unicorn Index to gauge how well you and your business are positioned to capitalise on the shifts that will affect consumers in the next decade.

Gaze into the future and answer as honestly as possible. By the end of the test we’ll let you know if you’re galloping towards a financial rainbow or in need of some magic dust.

Are you ready to unleash your unicorn potential?

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Julian Glander
*noun : Unicorn. A start-up company valued at more than a billion dollars, typically in the software or technology sector.

The Future Fit Index was created because businesses are increasingly dealing with the uncertainty of accelerating sector disruption and are keen to be ahead of emerging consumer needs. 

Working with The Effectiveness Partnership and YouGov UK, The Future Laboratory analysed a selection of brands against six critical behaviour patterns, ranking them in order of fitness to compile the 100 most future-fit brands in the UK today. 

The six behaviours are:


Do you take a long-term view to imagine, anticipate and execute change?


Are you committed to evolving, improving and developing new products and services?


Being able to quickly adapt by having the right finances and processes in place to respond to changes.


Are you conscious of the environmental and ethical impact of your business, and are you committed to minimising negative impacts?


Do you have a compelling purpose and positioning that engages internal and external audiences?


Do you support employees in their desire to improve, optmise and better themselves?

When looking at your business through the lens of these six critical behavioural patters, does it look future fit?


Find out if your company is future fit with The Unicorn Index.


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