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Reformation Generation


The year 2020 has brought great disruption to the lives of Gen Z, but what exactly does this mean? We’ve designed a zine to dig deeper into how they have responded and adapted to the chaos.

Project Earth

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We partnered with Selfridges for its new Project Earth Sustainability initiative. We hosted a three-part Instagram Live takeover and commissioned three new animations to promote it across social media.

Retail Services


With remote consumption on the rise, brands are recognising that every exchange with their customers can help them to improve their business. We commissioned an illustrator to create a video that explores retail’s evolution.

Recuperative Living


The  Covid-19  pandemic has created concerns about hygiene, wellbeing and immunity, and is driving new directions in beauty and wellness. We created a platform to gauge what this moment meant to you and to brands.

Trend Tracker

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We have mapped out how all the last twenty years of trends have evolved. Use our bespoke Trend Tracker to learn how Experiences, Brands and Consumer behaviours have changed – and what this means for the future.

Forecasting The Future


We designed a digital crash course to equip our clients with the skills needed to forecast the future. Find out how to spot cultural anomalies, map them onto the Diffusion of Innovation Curve and identify future trends.

Community Commerce

Representing the power of new retail strategies in action, our Community Commerce experience was designed to highlight new ways to access and exchange products that are powered by curation, connection and co-creation.

Unicorn Index

The Future Laboratory and ePayments have created the Unicorn Index to gauge how well you and your business are positioned to capitalise on the shifts that will affect consumers in the next decade.

Critical Horizons

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Based upon research by our Trends Intelligence department, LS:N Global, discover the Future of Brand Purpose, Gender, Wellbeing, and Youth on our Global Futures Forum microsite.

Uprooted Diets

From politicised sweets to gene-edited supermarket aisles, scroll through this interactive timeline to learn about the changes likely to affect our diets between today and 2035.

Bio Tracker

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Digital platforms will soon enable consumers to select which health data to exchange with brands for exclusive product rewards. But what are you willing to trade?

Branded Cities

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What if brands took on the role of city maker instead of governments? Would it be utopia or dystopia? Explore three potential 2050 placemaking scenarios.

Storefront Salvation

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Retail stores need to be redesigned to focus on new metrics of success. In this original game, take charge of a fictional store to find out what it takes to survive in this new landscape.

LS:N Global

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