What are consumer foresight research services?

Consumer foresight research services are processes used by companies to gather insight about their core market, customers, competitors and changing industry trends.

The collected data is used to inform decisions about product innovation, service development, marketing, PR and brand strategy in relation to customer experience and targeting.

What kind of consumer research and trends intelligence services does The Future Laboratory offer?

The Future Laboratory offers trend forecasting subscriptions, presentations, bespoke reports, market intelligence and strategic foresight consultancy services. 

What are the benefits of usng your services?

Our services empower businesses to future-proof decisions, mitigate risks, reduce uncertainty and drive their current and future performance with confidence, resilience and agility.

Which organisations are your services for?

The Future Laboratory works with the world’s largest and most innovative organisations across a range of sectors, including retail, beauty and wellness, luxury and hospitality, food and drink, media and youth, and technology and innovation.

Why should you consider using The Future Laboratory?

The Future Laboratory is one of the world’s most renowned futures and innovations consultancies.

Using a unique blend of trend forecasting, consumer  foresight, brand strategy and innovation, we help the world’s biggest businesses to remain relevant, manage risk, identify opportunities for growth, and demonstrate the ability to innovate and disrupt their industries.