The Future Laboratory Services
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Trends Intelligence

Our specialist teams help our clients to re-evaluate the external forces set to affect their business, brand, category and consumer landscape

Strategic Research

We identify future-facing insights that enable you to rethink what you know today and refocus on the consumer, category and context of tomorrow

Innovation Strategy

Develop market-leading and game-changing brands, products, services and experiences that make your business fit for the future

Trend Packages

Helping you define your future today, by exploring the key global trends that will affect your business tomorrow

LS:N Global

Our premium content platform gives members daily market intelligence updates on early adopters, innovators, products and emerging trends

Foresight Reports

Unlock your innovation potential by using our qualitative and quantitative research to pinpoint tomorrow’s consumer and product opportunities

Bespoke Presentations

Our dynamic and inspiring presentation enable us to bring future trends to life for your business – where and when you need them

Foresight Programmes

Creating and embedding a future-facing foresight engine for your business to deliver on-demand inspiration for strategic decision-makers

Curated Events

Get up close and personal with world-leading future thinking and exciting innovators and disruptors at our immersive, interactive bi-monthly events


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